Alphadog Grill Restaurant Review

This won’t be a big review because I just heard they are going out of business! Uh…ok…guess selling hot dogs never really pans out unless you are a baseball park. This review will be just in case they reopen somewhere else. Check out my Alphadog Grill Restaurant Review below:
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2782 Park St.
Jacksonville, FL. 32205

Location: Does it matter? They are closing. They are in Riverside for now.

Food: I have to say that when I stopped by for lunch (actually the end of lunch service) it was pretty busy still. The place is neat looking, it’s a colorfully restored historic house with outside and inside seating. I was seated right away in a half booth, half regular table for 2. After looking at the menu, I thought to myself “This is pretty inexpensive”. Maybe that was the problem? I settled on the “Godfather” (Menu description: Grilled Italian Sausage with marinated mushrooms and marinara covered in melted mozzarella and Italian spices). This comes with a side of fries and I think it cost $6.00, I can’t find my receipt (I verified the price, later). So with a coke, that completed my order. I have to say that within 5 minutes my order was on the table and everything was hot too. Now, I know the menu description said “marinated mushrooms” but that must be code for canned mushrooms. No way were those marinated in anything other than the water they use in cans. I’m kind of picky when it comes to mushrooms, I always want fresh over canned. Don’t bother offering it if you are using canned. The sausage was “meh”. I’m with The Food Bitch Blog (click on that link for her Restaurant Review) it isn’t anything special and to be honest, for a sausage and fries for $6.00, I didn’t have high hopes anyways. I have heard people rave about this place and I just don’t see it. It’s nice for something different I guess. I’ve had hot dogs just as good from a cart outside a ballgame.

Extras: So, while I don’t care for the place, I don’t ever like to see local restaurant go out of business. Hopefully they will regroup and try something else or revamp their business model. It just wasn’t something I was willing to drive out of my way to eat again. But I see the attraction if you are in the neighborhood.

The Good
– Super fast service
– Great prices

The Bad
– Crappy wifi, a neighbor’s wifi was called “AfroErotica777″, theirs was WAY faster than Alfpahdog Grill
– Food wasn’t anything you couldn’t have at a million other places
– I could see parking being an issue during lunch rush

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