Dickey’s Barbecue (BBQ) Restaurant Review

If you have been following my blog for a while now, you will notice that the southerner comes out often.  And by southerner, I mean my love of all things grilled or BBQ.  I have reviews on Sonny’s, Woody’s (<–that is on my do not eat list) and soon, Jenkins and Mojo 4 will be on it as well.  Check out my Restaurant Review Video below:

9825 San Jose Blvd.
Jacksonville, Florida 32257

Location: It’s in a strip mall :( For some reason, I just don’t like my BBQ restaurants in a strip mall, but what can you do? Sometimes the food is just worth the sacrifice right? This is the strip mall that used to house Woody’s (the one that I did a horrible review on) but was recently replaced by Firehouse Subs. It’s right down the street from K-Mart.

Food: To be honest with you, I had never heard of this restaurant until I saw their deal: Dickey’s BBQ Pulled Pork Big Barbecue Sandwich Combo pop up on Earthguy.com (think Groupon, but better) so I figured “why not branch out?”

Standing outside of Dickey’s, I wasn’t hoping for much. As you can see, it’s very nondescript. But, when I walked in, I was surprised how they made you forget you were in a strip mall. Everything is what you would expect in a BBQ joint. The table clothes, old signs, non-formal uniforms on the empolyees, yet the place had a very very clean feel to it. Once I looked around, I went up to order the Pulled Pork Sandwich Combo. For sides, I went with the traditional fried okra (it’s a southern thing, some of you won’t understand) and the mac & cheese. Let me say this, after reading the other Urbanspoon reviews, they were very friendly and greeted me almost immediately. Maybe they caught them on a bad day? Ok, back to the food. My order was ready within minutes (I think the only reason it wasn’t even faster was they had to fry the okra, which I’m glad it was fried to order). On my way to the table, I noticed they have a “sauce bar” where you help yourself to whatever and however much you want.

First up is the pork sandwich. The bread was nice and fresh, the pork was moist and had a nice sauce on it (not sweet). It comes with pickles and onions that you can add on to it. I give the sandwich a B+, I would definitely eat it again. The fried okra was awesome. Very hot, crispy and not “snotty” on the inside. And to top the meal off, the mac & cheese was creamy. This would be the one “meh” of the meal. I’ve had the same mac & cheese a million times. Next time, I will try out the cole slaw. That will show me what they are made of. That can be a signature dish in my eyes. All slaw IS NOT CREATED EQUAL. All in all, I recommend this restaurant. One of the other things to think about: It’s a small business owner that bought this franchise location and he is a retired Navy pilot. It’s good to see a local business step it up and separate itself from the big chains with some good food to do it with.

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Extras: One nice touch that I saw is that they have a self serve soft ice cream machine that is free for everyone. Uh…if you have kids, this is a big plus. If you are fat…like me…this is a big plus. If you are skinny…I don’t trust you :) I’m just kidding. But who doesn’t love free ice cream?

The Good:
– Very clean restaurant
– Moist Pork
– Sauce Bar
– Free Ice Cream!
– Perfect Fried Okra
– Your drink cup is a souvenir cup

The Bad:
– It’s in a shopping center
– There isn’t one downtown (yeah, first world problems lol)

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6 Comments on “Dickey’s Barbecue (BBQ) Restaurant Review
  1. I’ve been so close… but I can’t bear to NOT eat at Firehouse when I’m *right there*. You may have convinced me!! And the kids will love the ice cream… Maybe I’ll try their brisket to see if they can hang w/Firehouse.

    Great review!

  2. I liked everything except they served a bland-looking roll, which turned out to be bland tasting. It looked half-baked. I would really have liked Texas toast or garlic bread. And nobody told me there was free ice cream!!!! But I am going back today . . .

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