Nippers Beach Grille Restaurant Review

It’s apparent that I need to visit this place more often. While living downtown, I often forget how relaxing it can be sitting on the waterfront and living the “beach life”. This trip reminded me of what I was missing out on. It probably helped that it was noon and I already had a “Rudy’s Bad Habit” in my hand. How can you go wrong with that….right? Check out my Nippers Beach Grille Restaurant Review after watching the food porn video below.

2309 Beach Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL. 32250

Location When heading East bound on Beach Blvd, it will be on your left at the bottom of the bridge over the Interlachen waterway. If you pass Adventure Landing on your right, you went too far.

Food: Let me just say this up front, I sampled a ton of different things from their menu and there wasn’t one thing that I didn’t like. For instance, I’m not usually an oyster kind of guy but when they brought out the Nippers Baked Oysters (Menu description: Boursin Cream, andouille sausage and spinach gratin $7/12…two different sizes) I knew that I was going to like this place. Those things were amazing. They were so good that someone sitting at my table couldn’t keep her hands off them haha…don’t worry, I won’t tell them it was you Jessica! Whoops! They were really good, so I can’t blame her :) My favorite item was the Fried Calamari (Menu description: house marinara, Nippers Aioli, lemon $9/16). Instead of dipping your calamari in some little bowl of jarred sauce, they put the calamari right on top of their marinara and aioli. It was AMAZING! I could have had that all day long. Often, restaurants cook it too long and it turns into fried rubber bands, but not at Nippers Beach Grille, they cooked it right into the sweet spot. I thought of doing like my dad used to do and put some in some foil and sneak it out, it was that good. Unfortunately, there were no leftovers…that should tell you a lot about it. I also had the Marsh Harbor Guacamole served with cumin dusted tortilla chips ($7.00) and the guacamole was pretty good. My wife is usually the connoisseur with guacamole but she wasn’t here for this event but I know she would have loved it. In the video above you saw pictures of Conch Chowder (Menu description: chunks of conch with tomato, bacon and pepper cup $5 bowl $8) and that was served in a shot glass just so we could taste it. It was good…not my favorite…but I haven’t had a lot of conch chowder to compare it too. If conch is your thing and you have tried theirs, leave a comment on what you thought, I’m curious how it compares. I also tried the Garlic Crab Mac & Cheese ($17.00) the size in the picture was just a sample, the actual serving size is HUGE! If you eat that whole thing, you are the champ. I love cheese…I think I actually have cheese running through my veins (yeah, I might want to get that checked out) but there is no way I could eat all that. It’s definitely a main course serving. The last main course item I tried was the Pulled Pork Sandwich (Menu description: tomatillo jam, fried green tomato, jalapeƱo jack cheese, brioche bun $11.00). I’m not a fan of sweet BBQ sauce, as you know from my Sonny’s Real Pit Bar BBQ Restaurant Review (which I forgot to mention…THEY DO HAVE MUSTARD BASED SAUCE AT SONNY’S!!!…viva la sauce) so this sandwich was a miss with me but everyone else at the table loved it. And some of these guys are pretty picky, so I take their word. The last and final thing I got to try was the Mocha Brownie Sundae (Menu description: whipped cream, warm caramel, marshmallow, vanilla ice cream, candied spiced pecans $6.00) and it was great! Not only is it visually exciting, each bite was a taste of heaven.

Extras: You have to try the Rudy’s Bad Habit (it’s like a daiquiri), it is by far their best seller. A little birdie also told me that it looks like it will be distributed in stores soon. Don’t bother asking what’s in it, nobody will tell you…it is a restaurant secret. I think when I talked to the infamous Rudy himself, he said that drink is ordered 10 to 1 compared to the next most popular drink. Ask anyone, it’s that good. A couple other things: I have seen and heard other reviews where people say it’s “expensive”. Yeah, it’s not in the Captain D’s or Long John Silvers price range and neither is the quality and taste of the food. If you expect to come in and get out for under $15 you are setting yourself up to be disappointed. Don’t be a fool. Quality, taste and the atmosphere (you forget you are in Jacksonville sitting outside with the live music, the view of the water, and the sailboats…I felt like I was back in Jamaica) is something you have to pay for. Go expecting to pay a little more but leave a lot more satisfied.

The Good
– The baked oysters are amazing
– Rudy’s Bad Habits are the perfect drink for a Sunday afternoon
– The location and view, along with the music, creates an awesome atmosphere

The Bad
– The parking is rough. I got lucky and found the one and only spot out front but parking is a common problem at the beaches.

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  1. I just stopped by to catch up on your reviews and I see you’ve outed me as the oyster snatcher! Those oysters were amazing though, I’m trying to plan another visit SOON!

  2. I REALLY want to like Nippers much more than I do. I find that they are long on concept, and unfortunately, short on execution. I’ve gone 3 times and have never been blown away. I will say that the Jicama Slaw never disappoints

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