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I know, I know. What is this guy doing going to a place with Healthy in the name? To be honest, I was heading to the Starbucks next door and I was pretty hungry so I figured, why not? Check out my review below and let me know, if you’ve been there, if you agree.
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1500 University Blvd W
Jacksonville, FL 32217

Latest Health Inspection: 12/17/2013
High Priority Violations: 1
Intermediate Violations: 2
Basic Violations: 3

Kid Friendly: Yes

Food: So, my son is kind of a bagel nerd and that has trickled to me now. I love a good “non store” bagel. One that was made locally. When you walk in the Healthy Bagel, you will see the line starts to the left. As you get closer to the counter, you walk in front of the actual bagel selection. They have some really neat choices and from the pictures, you will see they make the bagels pretty simple. I went with the cheddar cheese bagel. They pretty much make a standard (large) bagel and melt a piece of cheddar on it. You physically pick your bagel by grabbing it with some wax paper and proceed down the line to the assembly/order part of the counter.
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Here is where you add your input and get whatever you want on the bagel. I went with just sliced, toasted and garlic parmesan cream cheese on one. The other bagel, I went with the South of the Border $4.29 (Menu Description: Eggs with cheddar cheese, jalapenos, onion, bell peppers, tomato and served with salsa on the side).

As far as the bagel with cream cheese, it was pretty good. The cheese slice melted on top was slightly over cooked, I think this took some of the taste away from it. The inside of the bagel was perfect. The only thing I felt was on the lacking side, was the cream cheese. They were a little stingy on it. With the bagel being so big, they should add a little extra on it or it gets lost in the dough. Other than that, it was good.
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The real treat was the South of the Border bagel. The egg was a tad on the small side but for what it lacked in size, it compensated well in flavor. The jalapenos were the pickled kind, so they weren’t super hot. All the veggies were fresh and crisp. I got mine without tomatoes, sorry. I just can’t eat them. As you can see, the salsa container is small but it ended up being the right amount. I would eat this bagel everyday for breakfast if I could. I highly recommend it.

Extras: Just a heads up, the guy that works behind the counter has a Soup Natzi attitude. It is a no nonsense kind of place. They don’t waste their time with the whole customer service thing. Straight and to the point here. I kind of like it, nobody trying to make superficial talk, just serving good food and fast. I will take that anyday. If you don’t know what the Soup Natzi is, check out this clip below:

The Good:
– Local Business
– Fresh Toppings
– Nice Sized Portions
– Straight And To The Point Service

The Bad:
– A little Skimpy On Cream Cheese

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