Who Am I?

I’m not trying to be the guy who says “this has an oak flavor to it”. I don’t have that type of pallet, honestly, I can’t afford to be that guy. I’m reviewing little local places here in Jacksonville and a couple big name places every once in a while. I dip food in ranch…yeah, I’m that guy, don’t judge me. I don’t shy away from anything spicy. I am also that guy that wants to try fried butter at the fair. I’m not scared of you diabetes! I stare you in the eyes and in the words of Shahid Khan “I’m all in”.

If I ever go on Fear Factor or any of those shows where you have to eat weird stuff, you can count on me. Mind over matter. I’m not saying I will think it tastes great but I’m saying I will try it at least.

Anyways, that’s me in a nut shell.