Angie’s subs restaurant review

Who loves a sub sandwich with a side order of politics? No matter how good your product, in this instance it is food, I will never understand why small businesses make political statements and eliminate one or more demographics as a customer. When you walk in Angie’s Subs you immediately see political statements posted everywhere. It’s clear which party they prefer but I won’t name which one it is here because it doesn’t matter. When I mentioned on Twitter that I was going to go and do a review of Angie’s Subs immediately a couple of people said stuff like “I will never step foot in there”. So that about sums up my belief, why eliminate customers? The rest of the review will be on the food itself. And it’s pretty good too!

1436 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville Beach, FL. 32250

Location: If you are heading East on Beach Blvd and you passed Penman on your left, you went too far, turn around. Angie’s Subs is located pretty close to that intersection, but if you see Penman, you have just went a tad too far.

Food: This was my first time here and let me tell you, it can be overwhelming. There are a couple doors to choose to enter from but only one is the right one. If you choose the wrong one, you are like a fish swimming upstream against the rush of people flowing through here. It’s easier to just turn right around, go back outside and go to the other door all the way down on the left end of the building. Once you come in the correct door, you are greeted by a couple people working the counter where you order just the sandwich you want. I ordered the “Peruvian” which has Ham, Genoa Salami, Bacon, Italian Sausage, Provolone and Peruvian Sauce (note to reader, I have eaten in the actual country of Peru several times and have never heard of Peruvian sauce, maybe it’s just called “sauce” there?), I went with the 10″ for $6.75. That is all that you order at this station. Once you do that, just follow the flow, don’t step out of line or one of the TONS of teenagers will cut you right off. The next stop is the cashier where they ask you your name and match you up to your sandwich order and ask you if you want to add stuff to it or make it a combo. I made mine a combo, chips and a drink, to bring the total up to $11 and some change. Next step, staying with the flow, is the drink machine…fill up your drink, and then find a seat while you wait on your sandwich to be brought to you. There are tons of different shaped tables and it appeared every chair was different which was kind of cool. After about 7 minutes someone called out my name, I raised my hand, and they brought me my sandwich wrapped in plain white butchers paper. Now on to the food…the sandwich was pretty damn good actually. It was heated and the cheese was melted. It wasn’t too toasted so it won’t rough up the top of your mouth. I’m kind of sensitive like that….emotional and the roof of my mouth. Leave me alone! Stop laughing! Everything was fresh and the “Peruvian” sauce was good, not too sweet. All in all, it was pretty good but not something you couldn’t get at Subway for $5 and add your own sauce to it. You have to keep reading and check out my extra’s section, hang in there.

Extras: So while I’m there I notice a constant stream of teenagers coming in and out. I’m not talking about 5-10…I’m talking about 50-60 present in the place at all times. This place is obviously a local favorite with the beach crowd. I figure most of these kids could care less about the political statements all over the place. Anyways, I talked to the manager who was very helpful and nice and she said that on a Saturday, they tend to serve about 1,000 subs. YEAH 1,000! And on their slower day, which is Monday, they still average around 650 subs. So I guess at this point, the owner can make whatever political statements he wants, he is making bank anyways. Just one thing to keep in mind, if you are over 25yrs old, and you go here on a Saturday, you will be the “old people” lol. And yes, some of the teenagers will probably be giggling about you.