Gear up for summer with these Ice cream Makers

Well, the summer is upon us, and there are plenty of people willing to crave the cold ice cream so as to beat the heat. However, frequently visiting the ice cream parlor can not only become an irritating task for many, but they would also have to walk in the heat, something that they were looking to avoid in the first place.

Moreover, if the ice cream parlor is far from your house, then you need to spend gas money to get there and come back. So, if you are in love with gadgets in your kitchen, then it is time for you to invest into purchasing an ice cream maker for your home. This way, you can make the best ice cream for yourself and your family, and although it requires a very small investment initially, but over time, they can definitely be for themselves.

Below mentioned is some of the best ice cream maker in the market. Go through the ice cream maker reviews so as to get a good idea about its functionality and pertinent features.

Best ice cream makers on the market in 2016

Breville ice cream maker (Smart Scoop)

The Bon Appetit magazine, 2015 edition has declared this to be the best ice cream maker, and one of the best machine to be found in your kitchen. If ice cream happens to be your craving for the summer vacation, and you are willing to pay a premium amount for it, then this is the product that can fulfill your needs. So, what exactly warrants this huge price tag that is associated with this product?best ice cream maker

Well, firstly, this model does not require any kind of chilling to be done prior to getting the ice cream made. Most of the ice cream makers in the market require you to chill or freeze the ice cream bowl for at least 12 hours before you start to make the ice cream. However, the presence of a built-in compressor in this model helps to circumvent that problem.

Secondly, there are at least three settings that can be adjusted in regards to the texture of the ice cream. So, you can make your ice cream soft or hard, according to your desire.

Lastly, you have the option of opening the lid and checking out the mixing tank as and when the ice cream machine happens to be running. In fact, you would even taste the ice cream that is forming in the machine, thereby ensuring that you can check and add ingredients if there are any kind of problem in your initial calculation. As for the price tag, it comes at an astounding $384. If budget is not a problem, then this is the model that you should yearn to purchase.

Advantages: –

  • The machine is made out of completely BPA free commodities.
  • It has a child lock feature so as to prevent children from opening it.
  • Hardness settings are automatic in this ice cream maker.
  • Alerts in the form of audio to let you know when the ice cream is complete.

Disadvantages: –

  • Due to its bulky nature, it can take up a lot of space in your kitchen counter.
  • The price tag.
  • It is a machine fit for home use, not commercial purposes.

Whynter ice cream maker review

Notably a regular feature amongst the various best ice cream maker on the market, the Whynter ice cream maker has certainly been making a name for itself with its wonderful balance between its machinery that is its versatility as well as its price. The best part about this machine is that it can not only help you to make ice cream, but also frozen yoghurt, serbet and cream maker reviews

If you are looking away from using those expensive ice cream makers, then Whynter ice cream maker is the perfect solution to your problem. The model also contains a built-in compressor, which helps you to make more than one batch of the delicious ice cream within a day, without the need for you to pre-freeze any kind mixing bowls. With a price tag of $238, this is truly a wonderful product for common households.

Advantages: –

  • The machine does not require any kind of pre-freezing the mixing bowls.
  • The presence of an audio timer to let you know when the ice cream is complete.
  • Automatic shutdowns feature so that when the mixture becomes solid, there is no further compression done.

Disadvantages: –

  • It is still expensive by normal standards of an ice cream maker.
  • It does not have a very powerful motor for its price tag.
  • It can take up a lot of kitchen counter space due to its bulky nature.

Cuisinart 2-Quart ice cream maker review

For people looking out for the perfect model that can be well within their budget, Cuisinart 2-Quart ice cream maker can be their solution to the problem. It is the perfect model that not only contains a wide variety of features, but can be well within the price range of people with moderate incomes.

top ice cream makers 2016The ice cream maker has the capability of producing 2 quarts within a time span of 30 minutes. Although, Cuisinart has got a relatively smaller name when it comes to all the other branded ice cream machines, it is quite nice for a kitchen that has a limited space in the counter. The machine also contains a bowl capacity which is much higher than some of the other models of ice cream makers in the market. The best part about this ice cream maker is the budget, which comes at an astounding $ 70.

Advantages: –

  • The price is one of the primary advantages of this product.
  • The size is small enough so as to fit any kitchen countertop.
  • Can be used for making a variety of frozen drinks.
  • The rubber feet in the bottom portion of the machine keep it stable.

Disadvantages: –

  • Does not have the capability of a large quantity of mixed ice cream, it can end up clogging the machine.
  • Overheating seems to be a major problem in some of the machines.
  • The decibel level of this machine is pretty high compared to all the other ice cream makers.


As the summer approaches, having an ice cream maker becomes a necessity for normal families. Do have a look at your pre-emptive budget, and select a ice cream machine that can get the job done for your family members while at the same time helps you to retain a smile in your face.