Copper Tap House Restaurant Review

Long time no see. Sorry about the hiatus, but I’m finally back. I’m sure you didn’t even notice I was gone lol. This review is of the Copper Tap House Restaurant which seems to be holding it’s own in a location that has seen 3 restaurants in 4yrs. Before it was Copper Tap House, it was the Bubba Burger Restaurant and before that, it was the Good Times Grill. I think Copper Tap House has a good chance of hanging in there.

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13500 Beach Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL. 32224

Latest Health Inspection: 03/14/2014
High Priority Violations: 1
Intermediate Violations: 2
Basic Violations: 3

Kid Friendly: It’s kind of a bar, but I guess since we are in Duval.

Food: To start off my night, I ordered the Baked Goat Cheese Pomodora Dip for $9.99 (Menu Description: Smooth and creamy California goat cheese baked with herbs, spices, and freshly diced Roma tomatoes is a unique way to begin your dining experience. Served with fresh baked crostini). This was suggested by my waitress and I’m glad I took her advice. It was awesome.

I really liked this and would consider going back just to eat this, by itself. It wasn’t overly spicy so if you are worried about that, don’t be. The cheese knocked the spice down and made it just right. It wasn’t too thick, which I find sometimes with dips. I hate when you go to dip your crostini or a chip and it keeps breaking, or if it’s too thin, nothing is left on your chip. This was right in the middle. Heads up, it’s a pretty big serving.

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Next up, I wanted to try a burger. I was feeling a little dare devilish, so I went with the Chorizo Con Huevos for $3.25 (Spicy Chorizo sausage, grilled and topped with an over-medium fried egg). From what I can tell, most people order a trio of burgers, you can pick from all kinds like Lamb & Goat Cheese or the Pollo Diablo for example. I just wanted one because I went a little overboard with the appetizer and ate the whole thing. Let me say this about my burger.

It was AWESOME. I could eat these all day. I will say though, it is very spicy, just like I like it. So, don’t say I didn’t warn you! Just writing about it, makes me want to go back….you know…just to “verify”. Oh, if you couldn’t tell by the price, these are kind of small and you don’t get any sides with it. Just the burgers you order.

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To finish off the night, I just had to try the New Orleans Bread Pudding with Bourbon-Vanilla Sauce for $6.99 (Menu Description: Light and fluffy bread pudding made with our own beach bread, eggs, cream, sugar, and vanilla. Then finished with bourbon-vanilla sauce made from real vanilla beans.) I’m usually not a “bread pudding kind of guy” but this had come highly recommended. It was very good but I think it should be renamed “diabetes in a bowl”. The sugar rush I had after this was insane. It was tasty for sure but I wouldn’t eat this by yourself, you can only eat so much…so share it.

Extras: Check out the beer flight below, tell me that it’s not cool…I dare you. They have different ones for each region, so depending on what beer you try, you get a different flight.
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The Good:
– Fast service
– Good value/prices
– I liked all of what I ate
– A lot of beer choices

The Bad:
– Awkward seating, very empty like and spread out
– That’s about it