Update: I went again just to grab a salad to go and bring my wife a salad home. I was informed (they had 3hrs left till closing) that they ran out of lettuce! Yes, they ran out of the one thing they are known to serve. How does that happen? How do you not send someone to the grocery store to buy some lettuce to get you through the night? Just dumb, I’m done with them.

Good lord, talk about a bad dining experience. I’m trying to shy away from reviewing stuff from chain restaurants but this visit to Crispers was just horrible I had to tell someone. As a fat guy who eats an occasional salad, I felt it was my duty to let others know. No, I have eaten here before and while it wasn’t bad then, this one was just bad. Can I say bad that many more times in this review? Here is the video montage of what we ate, after the break check out my review.

4624 Town Crossing Drive
Jacksonville, FL. 32246

Location: At the St. Johns Town Center located in the shopping center in front of Target. It is in the same shopping center as the Sweets By Holly cupcake and frozen yogurt shop. That review is coming later, it was the only thing that saved the night.

Food: The wife ordered the “Pick A Pair” for $8.99 and went with the Tomato Bisque Soup and the Southwest Salad with Jalapeno Ranch Dressing. Usually this soup comes with croutons on it but for some reason they didn’t this time, just a couple lonely packs of crackers on the side. The soup was decent. It was thick and had a rich taste. The salad is her favorite here, she loves it.

It has some crunch to it and the jalapeno ranch has a nice kick to it. I don’t comment too much on her food since I usually don’t eat off her plate. On to my food! I went with the “Trio” where you pick three items and get smaller portion sizes. I wanted to sample a few things, not something I normally order here, so I went with the Loaded Potato, the Caesar Side Salad and the Steak and Bleu Flatbread all for $7.99. I also ordered a small drink for $2.09.

When the food arrived at our table, yes, it’s one of the places where you order at the counter and sit down and they bring your food when it’s ready. Someone blasted me for having people “serve” me on my review of Pollo Tropical. They thought I was lazy.

They didn’t know that it is the way they do it there. That’s what I’m here for, to educate! Right? Nah, it’s really for me to vent or praise for good food. Anyways, so the food shows up and right away I can tell my order is wrong. The salad and the potato are right but then there is some type of lettuce cup with chicken in it. I let the server know that I ordered the Steak and Bleu Flatbread and showed him the receipt. He goes back to fix it and come back with another lettuce cup with Steak and Bleu in it, but no Flatbread. Yeah, good job. At that point I just wanted to eat and not have them spit in my food so I just accepted it.

The caesar salad was good, nice crisp lettuce and the dressing wasn’t too tart. That was the highlight. Next came the potato. If you look at the picture of it, you can see that it was so cold that it couldn’t even melt the butter. Who loves cold potatoes? Not this guy. Moving on…after the potato I started on the Steak and Bleu lettuce cup. Can you see the picture? It looks nasty, but didn’t taste too bad. It’s just weird in a lettuce cup. When it’s on a flat bread and then toasted, it’s much better. I barely ate anything but the caesar salad. I just wanted to be done with the whole dining experience.

Extra Info: Is it a Crispers requirement that the workers all act like punks? The guy taking our order seemed bothered that we wanted to order food (the place was empty at 7pm) and when I went and asked for a couple knives, the girl behind the counter seemed stumped that anyone would want a knife and gave me a weird look like I was crazy. I sure seemed to be bothering them by ordering and asking for eating utensils.

The Good
-Free wifi
-Tons of room to set up a computer and eat
-Always clean

The Bad
-Service with an attitude
-Wrong food served
-Place was empty, giving it a weird feeling.