Look, I’m going to be honest with you and this will be hard to believe but after serving 14yrs in the Navy, I’m not your typical beer drinker. I’m more of a Scotch on the rocks kind of guy. Yeah, one of “those” guys haha. And as weird as this will sound but I am just now finally starting to like beer more and more. Maybe it’s my old age? Who knows, but I’m starting to find a taste for beer. Needless to say, everyone keeps raving about Intuition Ale so I figured…Why not??

720 King Street
Jacksonville, FL. 32204

Location: It’s on King street, not far from Kickbacks and Pele’s Wood Fire (Review Here)

Food: To be honest, I don’t think they serve food. I never saw a menu or anyone even eating anything besides the bartender who was eating chips and salsa.

So this review is pretty much on the beer. Like I said, I’m not your average beer drinker. So I went with a “flight” of beer which is where they give you this wooden paddle looking thing with 6 smaller beers on it. It is only $6! It’s like if you ordered the appetizer sampler at a restaurant. You get to pick any of the 6 beers you want and they will write them down in the order they put them on your paddle and then off you go to your table and enjoy. For me, this is perfect because I didn’t want to get stuck nursing a pint of beer that I didn’t like.

The six I tried were: Injunction, I-10 IPA, Jon Boat, Dubbel Helix (yes, that’s how they spell it), Riverside Red and the Contraption. My favorites were the I-10 IPA, the Jon Boat and the Riverside Red. Not that the other three weren’t good, but if I had to pick three, it would be the ones I just listed. A couple things to note about the Intuition Ale Tap Room is that there isn’t a lot of light (kind of seems like it’s in a basement, not a lot of windows) but don’t take that the wrong way, I thought it was very comfortable. And of course, they have free wifi so that’s always nice. Drunk tweets…am I right?!?! Who doesn’t like those?