So…I have driven by tons of times and always see a lot of people outside. They are even ranked #1 in Urbanspoon (just due to the amount of reviews, not the “like” percentage) but for some reason I thought it probably wouldn’t be good. I have never been to a “Gastropub” but to me that translated to bar food and really…how good could that be?

910 King St.
Jacksonville, FL. 32204

Location: It’s in Riverside on the corner of College and King St.

Food: I’m not going to lie, I saw a picture someone else posted of their meatloaf and I knew that I had to try it. Weird huh? Everyone hates meatloaf as a kid right? Anyways, this isn’t your mother’s meatloaf. This thing comes bacon wrapped, stuffed with spinach, mushrooms, mozzarella and onions and then topped off with a spinach and roasted peppers cream sauce.

You also get two sides and I went with the bacon topped mac & cheese and the other side was fried green beans. That counts as a vegetable right? Being fried doesn’t take away from it right? Please agree so I feel better. You also get a side salad. I went with the caesar salad. So, right off the bat, this wasn’t your typical bar food.

While it was slightly expensive on the menu, it wasn’t when it came to the amount of food. There was a ton! Oh, the meatloaf, and everything that comes with it, was $13.49 plus tax. Of course I ordered a beer to go with it…I didn’t want to be an odd ball. The salad and beer were out almost immediately. The salad was pretty good. Everything was fresh, the only complaint YOU might have…not me because I liked it…is that there is a TON of cheese on it. Honestly, I like it that way. If you don’t like chesse, you probably don’t follow me anyways.

I’m pretty sure I have nacho cheese running through my veins. Now, it’s time for the meatloaf and the rest of the goodies. The meatloaf was very good, if I had to pick the one thing I might not like about it, it would be that it was just a tad too sweet. But with a little salt, that was a non-issue. The meatloaf was nice and moist, the fresh mushrooms were a nice texture and the cheese inside gave it a nice twist. The cream sauce was very good too and I ended up dipping the sides in it too. The bacon topped mac & cheese was average (it actually tasted better when I reheated the leftovers at home) I think mine was a combination of two different batches. There was some dried out and then some that was moist.

It had good flavor and the serving size was large. The bacon was actual bacon, not bacon bits or something like that. As far as the green beans, they were good. They came with a side of ranch, which I loved, and they were very crisp and hot. Good breading on the outside and fresh on the inside. That evens out the healthy/unhealhty qualities right?!? So, overall I really enjoyed the meal. The service was fast, helpful and never left me looking for them. I would definitely eat there again.

Extra Info: Before I forget, the people next to me ordered the nachos and holy moly it was HUGE! If you are a nacho lover, you have to try this. It was so freaking big that it fed all three of them and they didn’t eat it all. And one of the guys looked like a bear, so that should tell you how big of an order it was. Also, it looks like the battle between RAP and Kickbacks has come to a close.

After an agreement on parking and other legal requirements (due to being in a historic neighborhood) it looks like Kickbacks is moving forward and opening another restaurant right next to it. From what I gathered, they purchased the home that is next door, it’s in my video, and they are going to tear it down and build a two story restaurant in it’s place. They will share a kitchen with Kickbacks. All in all, I’m hearing that it should take about a year to complete and it’s going to have a Steampunk theme! Pretty neat. I was told that the owner has made some great steampunk purchases but I was sworn to secrecy.

The Good:
– It’s not just bar food
– They are open 21hrs a day. From 7am-3am (full kitchen)
– They will deliver up to about 10 miles if they aren’t too busy.

The Bad:
– Parking isn’t easy to find.
– Parking will be worse once the new restaurant opens but I hear there is something in the works.
– Not a ton of seating inside and it’s a popular place so get there early or plan accordingly.