Monster Burger N More Food Truck Review

Monster Burger N More Food Truck Review

I’ve finally done it. I am reviewing a food truck.  I know that I’m late to the party with reviewing them but there is a reason for that.  The couple times I went to review a food truck, the waits were unbelievable and I ended up not ordering.  So, I decided to pick a food truck and wait it out regardless of the wait.  In this case, there didn’t end up being much of a wait!

(904) 687-5702

Location: It’s a food truck, they are all over the place. They are like butterflies, you know, if restaurants could fly. I suggest following them on Twitter or Facebook to get updates on their locations for the day.

Latest Health Inspection: 02/06/2013 (Click on it for info)

Time from order to getting food: 15 Minutes

Total Cost of meal: $14

Food: Being that this was my first food truck, I wanted to eat what everyone orders. They had no idea who I was, I was disguised as a short, fat, nobody.  You know, my normal self.  I digress, after talking to who I assume was the owner, he suggested I try the Steakhouse Choice $9 for the “Monster” size (Menu Description: mushroom, onion, Gorgonzola, and horseradish A-1 sauce) and the Onion Rings $4 with a Soda $1.

The Steakhouse Choice burger came out in about 9 minutes.  Pretty fast if you ask me.  It’s made to order and everything about it tasted fresh and hot.  The burger came with a huge pile of the ingredients listed in the description, they didn’t go cheap. I really liked the combination of the Gorgonzola and the horseradish sauce.  It gave the burger a nice bite to it.

The mushrooms and onions were plenty and tasty.  The buns (on the hamburger, get your mind out of the gutter) were nice and fresh.  I was a little worried about being the first person (did I forget to mention that? I got there right at 11am, and was the first person to order).  Being the first person, I was thinking I would get the leftovers from the previous day, maybe stale buns, maybe old wilted toppings, I was wrong.  Everything tasted fresh.  Well done Monster Burger!

The onion rings took another 6 minutes, past the burger, to get to me.  I thought it would be the other order, onion rings first, burger last.  This actually worked out to my favor though.  I didn’t have two items cooling off at the same time, as I finished the burger, out came the onion rings.  I couldn’t verify, but the onion rings seemed to be battered in the truck, not bought frozen.  Maybe if they see this review, they will comment on them.  Back to the onion rings, they were very hot, very crisp and the dipping sauce was awesome and slightly spicy.  The portion size was good, definitely good value.

Extra: All together, this was a great food truck experience.  I have already recommended this food truck to others.

The Good:
– Great serving time, came as a surprise since it was made to order
– They bring a table and some chairs
– The burger was AWESOME and fresh
– Onion rings and sauce were really good and hot

The Bad:
– None