Mr. Taco Restaurant Review

Mr. Taco Restaurant Review

I’m always on the hunt for good Mexican food here in Jacksonville. Of course everyone knows about how each La Nopalera is different. And how long the wait is for Taco Lu (hint: go after lunch rush but before dinner time). Mr. Taco seems to be more a word of mouth place and the word is really getting out. Check out my Restaurant Review below:

6426 Bowden Rd.
Jacksonville, FL. 32216

Location: Right down the road off of the Bowden Rd exit off of I-95. It’s located in a strip mall, next to a Little Caesars (how does that place still exist?)

Food: If you know where I work, you might know that I work right down the street from this place. As close as I work to it, I had never ventured inside. One of my co-workers has nothing but good things to say about it so I figured I would swing by. I was told ahead of time that they get a line out the door during lunches and be prepared. I figured no problem, a long line indicates good food…most of the time right? Just ask anyone that has been to the French Pantry.

So, I get there right at 11:00. I’m starving and I don’t have time to wait in a line. Lo and behold, nobody is there yet! I walk right in and order the Beef Taco, Steak Quesadilla and a drink. As I’m walking to a booth, I pass the “salsa bar” and spot some good choices. There are a total of 6 to choose from and they range from mild to YOU’RE GOING TO DIE! flavors. I’m kidding, it’s not really called that. I grabbed a couple (they were very tasty) and sat down.

Since we were there by ourselves (I was with a friend…no, not an imaginary one), the food came fast and it was hot. The Beef Taco was good and had a decent portion of beef in it. The Steak Quesadilla was amazing. The steak has perfectly flavored and cooked. It wasn’t dried out like shoe leather. Plenty of cheese in there too. This is something you should definitely try when you come here. The chips that came with my meal were slightly on the stale side but I’m guessing that it is because I was first and might have gotten yesterday’s leftovers. Next time, I’m going to try all 6 salsas and get back to you with the results. They all looked good.

The Good:
– Great value
– Good taste
– No frills restaurant

The Bad:
– I just saw this: 6th Paragraph