Seasons 52 Restaurant Review

Seasons 52 Restaurant Review

I got all fancy schmancy  (<—is that a word? ) and put on a dress shirt and some slacks for this one.  Jorts and a Tim Tebow Jersey aren’t allowed in this kind of place.  Recently a bunch of us self proclaimed “food bloggers” got together and tried out some of the items on their summer menu.  I did this with you in mind, I am your guinea pig. Check out my restaurant review below:

5096 Big Island Drive
Jacksonville, FL. 32246

Location: It’s at the St. Johns Town Center down at the end by where Cantina Laredo is but a little off on it’s own.

Food: Damn good.

Oh, ok, you want more? So, I had never been to Seasons 52 before but I had heard about it and seen other bloggers post pictures so I knew that this wasn’t going to be your run of the mill restaurant. First off, the decor is awesome. Nice polished woods, great modern accents and the staff is everywhere. All signs of a good visit so far. On this visit, I was going to be tasting several of their new Summer Offerings. One cool thing I should mention before I get on with the food is that every entree is less than 475 calories. Yeah, pretty cool huh? After tasting some of this stuff I was amazed that it had that low of a calorie count because the food didn’t necessarily “taste healthy” if you know what I mean? At my house, “healthy” usual means blah. Not the case at Seasons 52.

I won’t go over every single item because the blog would be a mile long, but I will touch on the high spots and the one low spot. High spot #1 (and my favorite): The Wild Alaskan Copper River Salmon with corn risotto, fresh asparagus, roasted pepper and dill sauce. Now, I have had my fair share of salmon while living in Seattle but none of it tasted this good. I was really impressed with this and when I go back, this will be my entree.

It was nice and moist and had great flavors. The corn risotto under the salmon was great too. And who doesn’t love asparagus? The only downside to this entree is that it is only available for a few weeks so get there before mid-July, or you will miss it. High spot #2: Chilled Lobster & Shrimp Spring Rolls, with a sauce trio of cool salsa verde, aromatic lemongrass and sweet-hot red chili. This was excellent, my favorite sauce was the salsa verde. This whole entree screamed FRESH! And my final High spot: BBQ Chicken Flatbread, with glazed BBQ chicken, balsamic onions, sliced scallions and melted Parmesan. I’m a sucker for a flatbread and this one was awesome. The BBQ chicken wasn’t too sweet and the balsamic onions topped it off perfectly. I could eat these all day…probably nullifying the 475 calories or less per item.

Whoops! And of course if you go there, you have to try the mini-indulgences. Being that it was my first time, I tried 3. You know, just taking one for the team. I’m not scared of you diabetes! The first one was the pecan pie. Yeah, to steal a line from a radio commercial “it was as flawless as a unicorn’s tear” I also had the peanut butter and chocolate along with the Key Lime one. Both good but neither hold a candle to the pecan pie!

Ok, now for the one low spot: The cedar roasted tofu. Now, I have never had tofu before, so I can’t put this on Seasons 52. But the one thing I can say is, I DON’T TRUST PEOPLE WHO EAT TOFU. Yeah, I went there. That stuff has a weird ass texture. Not a fan. I don’t expect Seasons 52 to be miracle workers lol.

The Good:
– Great staff, excellent service. You can tell they want you to have a good experience.
– Excellent food
– TONS & TONS of healthy options

The Bad:
– TOFU (but that is all tofu at this point, not just here lol)
– It was a tad loud in the dinning area. It wouldn’t bother me but I can see where it might bother some.