This will be a quick review, it’s a coffee shop, not much to really review.  My wife had a dental appointment one day while I had a day off, so we planned on spending the day together.  A weekday together is about as likely as spotting a unicorn.  So, off we went to the dentist located off of Gate Parkway.

7643 South Gate Parkway
Jacksonville, FL. 32256

Location: If you are going East on Gate Parkway once getting off on JTB, you will see it a little ways down on your left at the end of a shopping center. Here is the best way to figure out where it is. There is a HUGE dip/pot hole in the road and you will almost bottom your car out, if you are going full speed. When you hit that, turn left, you are there.

Food: There isn’t a lot of things to order, it is a coffee shop after all. I went with a standard coffee with room for cream and then I added a Canadian Bacon, Egg & Cheese Croissant. Before I break down the sandwich, I have to say this place has an odd vibe. When you walk in, directly to your left, lining the wall are two long wooden benches. Not your typical southern deep benches where you can lean back and relax. These are the skinny type that almost make you sit straight up. Not inviting or relaxing at all. Not sure why they even bothered. The rest of the furniture and decor looks like it was raided from about 5 different estate sales. No real theme. There is a modern couch, then a whitewashed table, then country chairs, then an old piano tucked in the back. Just really weird. I didn’t feel like this is a place where they want you to camp out for long.

Back to the food and coffee. The coffee was hot and strong, very good. I don’t know if they get their coffee from a local roaster or not, it’s always a plus if they do. The sandwich was AWESOME. Maybe I was starving, but I think the sandwich was great. A good helping of egg, the cheese was tasty and the Canadian bacon perfectly cooked. The croissant was nice and flaky. It was great. Just look at the pictures, don’t you want to bite into that thing?

Extra: They had some religious sign out front while I was there, I can’t remember what it said and I should have taken a picture. Like I said before with Angie’s Subs, I just don’t understand when super small businesses bring politics or religion into their business. It would seem to eliminate customers sometimes. Why do that? Sigh…

The Good:
– Great sandwich
– Free wi-fi (you have to ask for the password)
– Not crazy expensive

The Bad:
– Not a comfortable setting
– Weird vibe