Sonny’s Real Pit BBQ Restaurant

Sonny’s Real Pit BBQ Restaurant Review

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend a food blogging event at Sonny’s Real Pit BBQ off of Atlantic Blvd. To be honest, I hadn’t been to a Sonny’s in at least 15yrs. The last time I was there I wasn’t that pleased. I remember it was dirty and the food was just too sweet. So I jumped at a chance to try Sonny’s after a long sabbatical.

Everyone deserves a second chance right? Let me throw this disclaimer out there. While I can’t be bribed to give a good review, I can be coaxed by free food to come out and try your food. Just because you are feeding me, it doesn’t guarantee I will say nice things :)

12719 Atlantic Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL. 32225

Location: It is right in front of Home Depot down by the corner of Atlantic Blvd and Girvin Road. If you are heading East and you see Lowe’s, back up, you went too far.

Food: They started us out with some Corn Nuggets and Fried Okra (it’s the south right?) If you like creamed corn, you will probably like the Corn Nuggets. I’m not a fan of the sweet food until it’s time for dessert.

I know, I know…looking at me, you can see I’m fat and think “no way does he wait to eat sweets until later”. Get off my back! Don’t judge me! HaHa, just kidding, judge away. While the corn nuggets aren’t necessarily my thing, I can definitely see how a lot of people like them. Now, on to the Fried Okra. It was great. It had a nice crisp coating, you know how it has to be done just right because the inside is usually slimy. They got it right. Hot and crisp. The ranch dip was good too. For some reason I tend to like my ranch a tad on the thin side.

Does that mean it’s cheap? **Gasp** Do I like cheap ranch dressing?!?! Next, they brought out some dry rubbed chicken wings. I had no idea until very recently that they even offered chicken wings. It’s a good idea they did because they were awesome. The rub wasn’t sweet, very spicy actually, and they were done nice and crispy. I hate undercooked chicken. I recommend trying them as a wing option. Once we finished up with that, they brought out some rib samples.

They brought the baby backs, some sweet and smokey ribs and their classic dry rub ribs. I tried one of the sweet ribs and they were pretty good. I’m more of a mustard based BBQ sauce guy. But if sweet is your thing, try these. Now, the dry rub ribs (say that 10 times…fast) were very good. The ribs are big and meaty, probably the biggest I have had lately. I have tried Bono’s and Woody’s and these are the biggest and meatiest.

These are now my favorite, I just wish they had mustard sauce to dip them in :( The last main course that we got to try was the pulled chicken, pork and brisket. These are all coated in their signature sweet BBQ sauce. It was pretty good, but the sauce just isn’t my thing. Everyone else loved it. The final thing I got to try was the Fruit Cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Good lord, that was good. The cobbler was nice and warm with a nice sugar crust on top and then the cold ice cream. It was REALLY good! I think I will have to bring the wife in to try it, it was that good. Make sure you end your meal with this, you won’t regret it.

Extra Info: While sweet BBQ sauces aren’t my thing, there were plenty of other options for people like me. So go give it a try, I was very pleased with the quality of the food and portion sizes. Just writing about the freaking cobbler makes me hungry again. The hazard of writing reviews sometimes.

The Good:
-Lots of options
-Nice portion sizes
-Friendly staff

The Bad:
-All BBQ sauces are sweet (personal preference)
-The salad bar wasn’t very clean
-My wife ate my leftovers (meanie)