I see this on twitter all the time in one variation or another “You have to go to TacoLu, they have the best tacos in town!” Well it has been a while since my unimpressive Burrito Gallery Restaurant Review
or the Cantina Laredo Restaurant Review so I figured, why not? I could use a good taco….or 2…or 10. Whatever, so I like to eat…get off my back :)

1183 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Location: It’s on Beach Blvd down by the beaches. It’s right down the street from Angie’s Subs, on the other side of the road.

Food: Let me say this first. HOT DAMN, I FOUND MY NEW TACO JOINT! Ok, I had to get that out of my system. I went during lunch and besides everyone telling me how good it is, I had no other expectations. Honestly, I thought I would be let down. No sir! Not this time buddy. I went for lunch figuring that would be the best time for me to avoid the wait and if it’s not too crowded, I don’t make as much of a fool of myself when I’m taking pictures (everyone always thinks, hey fatty, put the camera down, you know you’re just going to eat it!).

When I said I was going  to TacoLu, the consensus was that I had to try the $10 Taco (Menu description: Filet Mignon, two cheeses, pico de galio on flour tortilla, this taco SHOULD be $10 but it’s not) for $4.99.  Another favorite everyone said was the Bangin’ Shrimp (Menu Description: You know what that is! Spicy, Asian-style fried shrimp served with cabbage, lime, chipotle creama on a soft flour tortilla) for $2.95 and the last taco everyone said was the Brisket Taco (Menu Description: Beef brisket that has been braised in Dos Equis Amber beer, served on a soft flour tortilla with our home-made Ranchera sauce, pablano peppers, Cotija cheese, diced onion and cilantro) for $2.95.  The waiter, Graham, suggested I try a side of Roasted Corn, off the cob, for $2.25.  So all that with a coke and I was set.

The chips and salsa were good, I thought the salsa was a bit on the sweet side but it had a nice spicy kick afterwards.  The chips were warm and crisp, a little on the thin side. The tacos came quickly and boy were they good! The meat on the two meat based tacos was juicy and tender, everything was fresh but let me get to the Bangin’ Shrimp taco.  That was the best taco I have ever had!  The cabbage, shrimp, the creama on it was perfect. It all combined in to this amazing bite…bite after bite after bite.

 When I bit into it, I expected to turn to my right and see a Unicorn smoking a cigar and quoting Mad Men (yeah, those are the types of dreams I have.  I probably should talk to a shrink about them huh?) No way this wasn’t a dream.  If you ever get out there, trust me, throw one of these bad boys on your order and you won’t regret it.

Extras: THE PARKING SUCKS!!!! If you aren’t using the valet (which you should just do that, let them worry about finding you a spot) you are fighting for a spot like a fat guy fights for the last piece of pizza. There is parking in the back for about 13 cars and there are signs on the door saying if you park across the street you will be towed. Also the stores next door have signs that say something like “We love TacoLu but don’t park here” that isn’t verbatim but I think that is what they imply. So, like I said, let the valet worry about it.

The Good
– Huge Tequila selection
– The ambiance is awesome

The Bad
– The parking sucks
– If you follow them on twitter, they don’t really talk about TacoLu that much. Mostly stuff like “I’m at ______” or “Who wants to see a movie?”