Taverna Yamas Restaurant Review

Taverna Yamas Restaurant Review

Gyro? Yes please! I love a good gyro. By the way, it’s pronounced “yeer-oh”, not like the piece of equipment used for navigation. I confirmed this while spending time in Greece, that’s my public service announcement. Ok, back to the T

9753 Deer Lake Ct.
Jacksonville, FL. 32246

Location: It’s located right behind the Miller’s Ale House by Tinseltown Movie Theater. If you know where Mellow Mushroom is, then you know where Taverna Yamas is.

Food: Earlier in the day, I was talking with the wife and we were talking about the delicious gyro’s we had in Greece and that I had a hankering (that’s a word right?) for a good one. She immediately suggested Taverna Yamas and talked about how good the Greek salad was when she had been there before. I was thinking to myself “it’s a salad, can it really be worth talking about?” But I humored her because I wanted the Gyro, the salad is just dressing

Extra: Below, you will see a picture of a bunch of napkins on the ground and probably think the place is a mess but it really isn’t. Those are from when the staff goes around dancing and singing, they throw napkins up in the air. If you look up, you will see some in the rafters. Pretty neat. They also have a DJ booth inside and they were sure pumping the music out. It was a tad loud for me (It would have been hard to have a conversation) so it was good that we sat outside anyways. This place will definitely be in my rotation. If you want authentic Greek food, give it a shot and let me know what you thought.

The Good:
– Huge portions
– Great staff and service
– Authentic food
– Good entertainment

The Bad:
– Kind of loud inside