Wild Wing Cafe
4555 Southside Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL. 32216

I’m a wing fan.  Who isn’t right? I feel like I have huge hands when I eat those tiny little wings.  Am I hungry or am I just on a power trip?  Or this just an excuse to put bleu cheese on something?  Probably a combination of all of those.  Let me get started with this review.

Location: Right in front of the Tinseltown movie theater located on Southside Blvd.  They are in a tight group of rivals.  There is a Hooters about 90ft away.  Behind Wild Wing Cafe is Seven Bridges and then about a couple blocks the other way is the Mandarin Ale House and Tilted Kilt.  So, lots of choices when it comes to wings and other types of bar food.

Interior: Wide open!  Booths along the edge of the building then a big stage to the right when you walk in.  Lots of tables in the open area.  Decent sized bar but always seems hard to get to.  There is a covered outside area with TV’s too.  The place is clean.  The wait staff is all clad in short shorts and deep v-neck shirts on the ladies to encourage tipping from the young customers.

Food: This is my first take out food review.  I called in at 11:30pm to get an order to go and bring back to my work.  I ordered fried mushrooms (plump button mushrooms in a beer batter served with a special dipping sauce) as an appetizer and 16 wings (Red, Hot & Bleu) with 2 extra sides of Bleu Cheese dressing.  First off, the “special dipping sauce” was actually straight up Ranch Dressing.  They weren’t even trying to fool anyone so why bother label it as anything but Ranch on the menu?  Since when is Ranch Dressing considered “special”?  The mushrooms themselves were pretty good. The batter flavoring was nice and subtle.

Definitely enough for 2-3 people to share.  Not a one person sized order.  They were hot and fresh tasting, even after driving 15 minutes back to work.  Now the wings, they were really good.  Very hot and flavorful. The description says the bleu cheese is cooked right in but I can’t really tell.  It seems like a cajun ranch type sauce, very good though.  Not over the top spicy, so don’t let the flavor name fool you.  The one thing they did wrong: they gave me 2 ranch dressings while charging me for a total of 3 bleu cheese.  You know how disappointing it is to get home and find out your order is wrong.  If I was dining in, it would have been an easy fix.  But I’m not driving back 15 minutes each way over some bleu cheese.  The only critique of the wings is that they were a bit on the salty side.  Very, very, very minor.

Overall Rating 1-10: 8.5  Very solid food besides the wrong dressings.

Cost: No drink on this order but it was 21.27 for an appetizer and wings

Would I eat here again: Of course.  They are one of the better and constant wing places around.  The really cool thing is that during lunch time on the weekdays, they have an ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFALO WING buffet! How cool is that?  I think it is just under 10 bucks and you get wings, tater tots and soup. Not many places have something like that.