How To Find The Best Bread Machine For Your Needs

The smell of fresh bread is something that I have loved since childhood.  It’s funny, such a minimal number of ingredients, yet a total art form to make delicious fresh bread.  That is, until the invention of the bread maker.  The bread machine takes care of the different phases of making bread, from mixing, kneading, […]

Best meat grinder reviews 2016

Noted to be a kitchen appliance, a meat grinder or rather a mincer of meat is an appliance that can enable you to chop the meat into fine pieces, without the strenuous manual labor. All you need to do is to shove down the meat through the funnel located on top of the grinder, and […]

Panera Bread Restaurant Review Jacksonville Arlington

Panera Bread 9301 Atlantic Blvd Jacksonville, FL. 32225 (904)722-2725 Website I’m not usually up early on the weekend so you probably won’t ever see a breakfast review from me. This is the closest you will get. Lunch! Not often do I get to post a restaurant review as I’m actually sitting in the place. Location: […]


So, time for a review of the infamous Edgewood Bakery. I think I’m one of the last people in Jacksonville to try this place out and for the most part, I’ve been missing out. Check out my restaurant review video below to get all the food porn photos and then check out my detailed write […]

Buying guide for best ceramic cookware

  Is there any particular need for people to gravitate towards purchasing ceramic cookware? Well, ceramic cookware is the perfect utensil nee product that would help you to evenly heat the food. It is the product which ensures that you can get the perfect heated food on your plate without so much as a burn, […]

Top 3 best baby food makers 2016

Just by simply having the best baby food maker, you would end up cutting down on the total amount of time that you spent on the preparation of food towards your child. Just like any other electronic appliance in the market, there are various types of the before makers that you can choose from. However, […]

Gear up for summer with these Ice cream Makers

Well, the summer is upon us, and there are plenty of people willing to crave the cold ice cream so as to beat the heat. However, frequently visiting the ice cream parlor can not only become an irritating task for many, but they would also have to walk in the heat, something that they were […]

Aloft at Tapestry Park Hotel Review

Aloft at Tapestry Park Hotel Review

JaxFoodCritic is doing hotel reviews now?!?! This guy is out of his element! Wrong I tell you, you are wrong. Sleeping somewhere that isn’t my house, having people clean everything for me, and sleeping late and comfortably is right in my sweet spot. I know this very well. I have trained for this my whole […]

Olio Restaurant Review

Olio Restaurant Reviewv

Ever find yourself downtown and thinking to yourself “what do I want to eat”? Well, I have a place for you to try out.  Located on the corner of Market and Bay St. right across from the old courthouse, is Olio Market. I had heard from many of my friends about how good this place […]