13 Gypsies Restaurant Review

After much struggle, I finally got around to trying this place out.  I had attempted to do this before but they were closed.  this time, we called ahead and made reservations.  I know, smart thinking right?  Yeah, I didn’t make them, the wife did.  She is the smart one in the family.

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887 Stockton St
Jacksonville, FL 32204

Location: In the little strip that has a tattoo shop, bike shop and one of my favorites, Bold Bean.

Food: Let me just say a couple of things first, before I break down my thoughts on the food. If you go to their website:13 Gypsies you will see that it looks like something off of an Ed Hardy shirt. So, there’s that. Then, up on a wall they have a signed picture of Guy Fieri. Maybe they need to do some updates on what is good and what the current trend is. So, if you can get past the initial visuals when you sit down, the food is good. Not outstanding or anything, but decent.

We started with the Roman Gnocchi $8 (Description: The Original Gnocchi.  Semolina and Parmesan Flats, served with a Mushroom Sauce). This was pretty good, it ended up being my favorite thing that we tried that night. The mushrooms were nice and fresh and the sauce was HOT. Not spicy hot, it was temperature hot. Holy cow, it tore up my mouth. Next time I will let it cool down first. I think my wife got a kick out of me trying not to spit it up once I had committed to eating it. I’m not that bright.

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Next up, was some kind of Meatballs $8 (can’t find it on their menu online anymore, that might be a good thing). Stay away from these if they reappear when/if you visit. There was something weird about these and I can’t put them on my finger on it. Something tasted off. The wife agreed, skip these.

I tried the Chorizo Burger $9 (Description: Beef Patty Blended with Chorizo Spices and Pepperjack Cheese). It comes with a side salad and it was tasty, nice and fresh and the perfect amount of dressing. As far as the sandwich goes, it was good. Like I said above, the food wasn’t AMAZING like I was led to believe, but it wasn’t bad either. The sandwich was cooked perfectly, the chorizo might have been a little salty for my taste, but it was good. It just felt like it was missing something.

I know that this review leaves a lot to the imagination, and I apologize for that. I just wanted to let you know that while the food is ok, maybe you want to skip this one and find something a little better. I will say that the prices were a good value when compared to the portion size. Honestly, I don’t see what the hype is over this place.

The Good:
– It’s right down the street from Bold Bean, so good coffee can be had afterwards
– It’s a local business
– The price matches the portion sizes
– If you want something different, there are some options here

The Bad:
– When you order a soda, you get it in a can (pet peeve for me)
– It’s super small inside, better have reservations
– Food wasn’t great

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on “13 Gypsies Restaurant Review
6 Comments on “13 Gypsies Restaurant Review
  1. Well, diners, drive-ins and dives is a pretty popular show, and this place was featured on the show, that is why they had the picture of guy fieri. If you haven’t seen the episode, it’s probably on youtube.

  2. You should go back and order the following Quixote style beef which is amazing taste and portion for the price, Risotto of the day, a couple of Scallops and the Double Cow and then blog again. Also get the tres leches.

  3. OMG! Your problem is that you should have ordered the risotto and the beef. We ONLY go to this place when someone does something great like “Save someone’s life” The food is outstanding and the people you want to make part of your family and this is coming from an African American! Don’t believe this review! Go!

  4. I’ve only been there once and the best part of my meal was theTres Leches cake. I would go back just to have that again. It’s glorious.

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