4 Rivers Smokehouse Restaurant Review

So, I finally made it to 4 Rivers Smokehouse. It’s the newest and hottest BBQ joint in Jacksonville. So, off I went to investigate. Check out the plethora of visual porn throughout the review and let me know what you think of the place, if you’ve been there.

4 Rivers Restaurant Review 1Four Rivers Smokehouse Restaurant Review 1

9220 Baymeadows Road
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Location: It’s on Baymeadows Rd next to the Hardee’s right off of I-95. It’s set back from the road a little bit because the parking lot is upfront.

Latest Health Inspection: 10/31/2013
High Priority Violations: 1
Intermediate Violations: 1
Basic Violations: 3

Kid Friendly: Yes

Food: Everyone and their mother kept talking about the Burnt Ends, so I knew that was what I was going to try. The Burnt Ends with 3 sides and a biscuit was $11.99. For my sides, I went with Fried Pickles, Smokehouse Corn and Mac & Cheese. Everything comes in either cups (sides) or straight on a piece of paper on your tray. I thought this was neat and added a little uniqueness to the restaurant. Upon finding a seat (I suggest having someone in your party go squat on one while everyone else is ordering), I dug in. The Burnt Ends were good, not overdone and not dry. I’m just not a fan of sweet BBQ sauce, I keep trying in hopes of finding one that I like but I think I’m going to give up and just stick with the mustard ones. It was still good though, just don’t think I could eat a lot of it without getting diabetes.

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The fried pickles had to be some of the thickest I have ever had. I loved them. They tasted fresh….if something fried could taste fresh, right? The ranch was solid too, not great but not bad either. I’m a ranch snob. The steal of dinner was the Smokehouse Corn. Although I don’t like tomatoes, they were in there, I loved it. It was also a little on the sweet side but not over the top. I would definitely try this out, if you haven’t already. The Mac & Cheese was average, not much excitement. The biscuit was good, and it wasn’t like eating a wad of chalk like some restaurants tend to make theirs like.

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Extras: You may think by my ho-hum review that I didn’t like it, but that’s not true. I liked it when you combine it with the rest of the restaurant. There is a sweets shop that is worth visiting, the cupcakes looked huge. The ordering line was unique and combine it with the way they serve you and the seating, it was overall a good experience. One complaint I have is…you can’t find a phone number for the place. We tried calling before going but couldn’t find a Jacksonville phone number. Everything is an Orlando number. Another thing I didn’t get was, they close at 9pm on Friday and Saturday and they are closed on Sunday. I am still stumped on places being closed on Sundays. Oh, and the close at 8pm on the rest of the nights they are open. ?!?!?!?! I don’t get it.

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The Good:
– Good food
– Unique atmosphere
– Awesome sweets
– Good portion sizes for the prices

The Bad:
– Odd hours of operation
– No local phone number to call (to check if it’s busy or not)


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