Who am I?

I’m not trying to be the guy who says “this has an oak flavor to it”. I don’t have that type of pallet, honestly, I can’t afford to be that guy. I’m reviewing little local places here in Jacksonville and a couple big name places every once in a while. I dip food in ranch…yeah, I’m that guy, don’t judge me. My dad and my wife (no, they aren’t the same person lol) are both cajun, so I don’t shy away from anything spicy. I am also that guy that wants to try fried butter at the fair. I’m not scared of you diabetes! I stare you in the eyes and in the words of Shahid Khan “I’m all in”.

My wife knows that if we ever go on Fear Factor or any of those shows where you have to eat weird stuff, she can’t count on me. Mind over matter. I’m not saying I will think it tastes great but I’m saying I will try it at least.

Anyways, that’s me in a nut shell.




I love food and I love to make people laugh. This blog started out as a place for me to just vent about some crappy food and turned out that I stumbled into some good food along the way. I'm a father of 2, husband, and master of nothing.

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