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Jacksonville Restaurants 1 In the fairness of reviews, I am updating my original review and removing Burrito Gallery from the “Don’t Eat Here” category.  Since my original review, I have been back twice and had a great experience (I was still the 1% though).  The burrito I had last week was possibly the best I have had…ANYWHERE.  There are still some issues with ingredients being all lumped in one section and not evenly spread out through the whole burrito.  With that aside, I couldn’t ask for a better burrito.

So, I ask on Twitter “Where should I eat tonight” and only a couple places were suggested repeatedly.  The one with the most votes was Burrito Gallery which I lucked out because I live about 3 miles from it. That’s a win all around right? Check out the short video and then my write up and then tell me if you think I was lucky.

Burrito Gallery
21 East Adams Street
Jacksonville, FL. 32202
No Twitter Account:Lame!


Location: Right on Adams St. between Main and Ocean. There is a big parking lot on the corner of Main and Adams and the first building (whole side of the building is painted with urban art). There is on street parking too.  Non parking downtown is free during business hours.  So good luck!

Food: I ordered the Queso Dip with chips $4.50, a steak burrito with sour cream $6.45 and a regular sized drink $1.95 for a total of: $13.81.  Now that the money part is out of the way, on to actual review.  The Queso Dip and chips were great.  It was a spicy Queso with a jalapeno drizzle and some fresh tomatoes on top.  The chips were done perfect and it was a HUGE helping.  Don’t try to eat that and a burrito by yourself. Now the burrito itself was pretty disappointing.  It just seemed bland.  The rice and black beans were just plain, no flavoring, simply just there for a filler.  The steak was good though, I will give them credit for that but the problem was that the sour cream was all down at one end and the steak was all down at the other end leaving nothing but rice in beans in the center.  So, it wasn’t mixed very well at all.  Almost like they rolled the burrito the wrong way.  I prefer a nice even mix with every bite don’t you?

Extra Info: Immediately walking in I felt like everyone was looking at me like I was the 1%.  It was almost as if the Occupy Jacksonville camp had relocated inside the Burrito Gallery.  Was it a hipster convention? Did I miss something?  Anyways, besides feeling completely out of place, the décor was nice.  It has local art for sale on the walls.  The one piece I saw was $4,500.  I don’t imagine the current crowd was I was there was shopping for something in that price range.  Maybe the weekday lunch crowd is different (I was there Saturday night). Oh, yeah, back to the décor.  When I had been there previously the drink machine was about 6ft up in the air and you could barely see what was going on, well they lowered that now.  There is outside seating in the back, so that is a great option.  Other than that, nothing else was remarkable.

Overall Rating 1-10: 7.0. I would stop there for a beer and chips but skip the burrito.  I have had better, check out my Hightide Burrito Restaurant Review.  Maybe I caught them on a bad day? I just don’t see what the hype is all about.

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5 Comments on “Burrito Gallery Restaurant Review Jacksonville
  1. I actually don’t think I’ve had a burrito there in a long time so I can’t comment on those. I pretty much ALWAYS get a shrimp taco and a carnitas taco..which are so awesome. I usually go on a weekday night and it’s not so hipsterish.

    Next time try the tacos!!! Their salads are good too.

  2. I really recommend you try the Chicken Quesadilla. They are remarkable. I can honestly say I have never had one of their burritos. Why bother when I can get an amazing quesadilla!!!

  3. I think you did catch them on a bad day. I usually go there for weekday lunch, and it is very good each time. I have never had a bad meal (I usually get something different every time). The Chicken Burrito is great!
    Now for customer service, not that great. I hosted a networking event there and the owners did not communicate to each other that the one knew about it, so when I came in, the owner that was there had no idea we were coming.

    • I have actually eaten here a couple times and had the same result, food wise, as the one in the review. Just not impressed. And actually, my wife was there a couple weeks ago and had a burrito, when she cut into it it had a huge bay leaf in it. She went up to the counter to bring it to their attention so they can be sure to check their food. The girl working the counter looked at her like she was an alien and said “you are supposed to eat those”. Maybe you could eat a tiny piece, but not a big leaf like she has, they are actually poisonous in larger amounts.

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