Celebs Corner Kitchen Restaurant Review

Talk about a place you have probably never heard of, this would be it.  I’m guessing you haven’t even driven by this place and it’s sooooo close to Everbank Field, you can almost touch it.  I went to hang out with some friends at Celebs Corner Kitchen and thought I would do a quick review on them.  Check out my Food Porn Slide Show below:

736 A Philip Randolph Blvd
Jacksonville, FL. 32202

Location: About as close as you can get to Everbank Field.  It’s on A Philip Randolph Blvd.

Latest Health Inspection: 02/14/2013 <—click on that
This was a complaint driven inspection, no information on why complaint was filed.

Regular Health Inspection10/04/12 <—click on that
Critical Violations: 8
Non-Critical Violations: 0

Kid Friendly?: Yes

Food: Let me just say this, the food is good but it’s probably more expensive than you thought it would be.  I was a little taken aback at the prices myself.  After some debate, I went with the Tilapia Filet Sandwich for $13.95.  The sandwich was great, awesome flavor and everything tasted fresh. If you look below, you can see that the presentation is great and there isn’t much else with it.  It doesn’t come with any sides :/  This caught me a little off guard. So, taking that in consideration, I would have to say that this was a little expensive, if you ask me.
Celebs Corner Kitchen Restaurant Review 1Best Restaurant in Jacksonville 1

Also pictured in this review are what they call their “Chicken Pops” which are fried chicken legs but they cut them where they look like big lollipops.  Everyone at the table loved them, I didn’t get to try them.

Another favorite of the table were the stuffed mushrooms.  You get 3 decent sized mushrooms stuffed with crab and then topped with peppers.  Everyone said they were good but were on the spicy side.  I will be sure to try these next time, I love stuffed mushrooms.
Where to eat in Jacksonville 1Downtown Jacksonville Restaurant Review 1

And the last thing pictured was the Tilapia Salad $15.95.  I heard no complaints about it either, I didn’t want to eat someone else’s food, it wasn’t that type of environment.

Extras:  Here are my thoughts on the restaurant in a nutshell.  The food is good, the inside has a very New Orleans feel to it, very eclectic and original, but the food is expensive.  Have you ever watched those house selling shows on HGTV? You know, the ones that tell you not to over improve the house so it doesn’t fit in with the neighborhood?  I think this might be what they have done.  So, with that in mind, don’t make an expectations on this restaurant by the location.  Be prepared to spend some cash but also get some good food while you are at it.

The Good:
– Everything is delicious
– It was all fresh
– Neat interior
– Outside seating and view of the stadium

The Bad:
– On the expensive side
– It’s À la carte

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on “Celebs Corner Kitchen Restaurant Review
One Comment on “Celebs Corner Kitchen Restaurant Review
  1. One more “bad”… the fish is tilapia. :P

    It’s downright sinful to live in FLORIDA and have fresh catches this close & available and charge $14 for a sandwich made of tilapia. Boo hiss. At least serve the good stuff if it’s a $14 sandwich.

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