Sweet! by Holly Restaurant Review

So, after a disasterous dining experience at Crispers (see review here) my wife told me “you have to try this place”. Once I saw where she was leading me, a short walk from Crispers, I knew there was something good in store for me. My son loves cooking shows (yeah, it kind of runs in his blood) and one of his favorites is Cupcake Wars. It’s a pretty neat show where they pit 4 bakers off each against each other and eliminate one each round until they have a winner. The owner of the shop we were going to has won Cupcake Wars both times she has been on it. The first time it was a regular episode and then the second time it was against former winners and she kicked their butt. So check out the video and my thoughts.

4624 Town Crossing Drive Suite #137
Jacksonville, Florida 32246

Location: It’s in the same shopping center that Crispers is in. Right out front of Target and behind Chik-Fil-A and Arby’s area.

Food: Ok, let me say this upfront, I don’t like cupcakes. Every cupcake I have tried (except my lovely wife’s of course) are usually dry, flavorless and only saved by the frosting. So while I knew that Holly, the owner of this shop, had the chops for making cupcakes, I wasn’t holding my breath that I would “love” them. We walked in shortly before closing, you know they just love people like us haha. My wife had a plan, one cupcake for every member of my family and one for both of my parents. It was their payment for watching my son for a couple hours. Cheap huh? They have a special where if you buy 3 mini-cupcakes, you get one free. Score! As you can see from the pictures, there were a lot of choices. If you aren’t sure what might be in one, they have laminated menu’s that break down each cupcake so that is nice. So we grabbed our 5 cupcakes and off we went. I didn’t think anything about the cupcake until I got to work and finally had a second to catch up and then I got the craving. Get into my belly Key Lime cupcake! I must consume you! You ever see a show where they over dramatize the zooming in on someones face and then zoom in on something else and go back and forth. That’s what it was like with me and the Key Lime. I felt like it was trying to stare me down. Silly goose, I will destroy you. Anyways, I had “love” reservations about the cupcake but once I bit into that nugget of joy, I changed my mind. I can honestly say that it was the best cupcake I have ever had in my entire life. And if you ever meet me, it’s easy to assume I have had quiet a few. It was very very moist, and the Key Lime didn’t taste artificial. I wonder what they use, do they actually use real lime? Needless to say, I inhaled it. I immediately wanted another one. Also, the next day I ran into my mom and without me bringing it up she said “that was an awesome cupcake”. So, there is that. It can’t be just luck, the must be pretty good because they were different flavors too.

Extra Info: They also have a frozen yogurt selection too but I’m still partial to Sweet CeCe’s Frozen Yogurt when I want that. They have way more toppings and since I can’t consume cupcakes and frozen yogurt at the same time (I’m not ready for diabetes) I will stick to Sweet CeCe’s for my frozen yogurt fix and Sweet By Holly for my cupcake fix. And one other proof their cupcakes are good….my son ate the whole thing. He usually just eats the frosting off of cupcakes. So their cupcakes are kid approved.

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on “Sweet! by Holly Restaurant Review
One Comment on “Sweet! by Holly Restaurant Review
  1. The best thing to do is go on a Monday. Their “mini” cupcakes are 1 dollar each on Mondays. So you can try out a bunch of their flavors without breaking the bank. I’ve pretty much tried every flavor they have using this method.

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