Here is a list of reviews of places that I don’t recommend eating at. Just click on the restaurant and the review will load.

Qdoba Want an average burrito with the aroma of baby poo smell on the side?

Woody’s BBQ Ribs as thick as a french fry and as moist as beef jerky. I think the ribs are from miniature pigs.

Crispers Restaurant Review They actually ran out of lettuce! What in the world? Your restaurant is based on salads, how do you not go to a grocery store to get more to make it through the night? Plus they got my order wrong 2 times in a row!

Angie’s Subs Restaurant Review Food is average but the thing that puts this on the “Don’t Eat Here!” list is the political statements all over the restaurant. Food + Politics = dumb.

Alphadog Grill Restaurant Review Food was average and they are out of business! Jacksonville Restaurants Reviews 1


I love food and I love to make people laugh. This blog started out as a place for me to just vent about some crappy food and turned out that I stumbled into some good food along the way.

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3 thoughts on “DON’T EAT HERE!”

  1. Love your reviews and the pros & cons of each visit. If you ever get the chance (after reading today’s review) I’d love for you to stop by Lola”s Burrito Joint in Riverside at the intersection of King & Park Streets. One of the BEST mexican/latin restaurants that I have had the pleasure to enjoy.

    1. I am hearing good things about Lola’s and I will put it on my list of places to try out. I will include it in my next poll for “Where should I eat next?”

  2. Head in there for a quick bite. Ha- one server on for a college football day at 12:30 pm in the afternoon. Service has always been slow but the wings decent most of the time. I learned to compromise. Server asks if I would like my tab. I acknowledge yes. Getting the attention to pay and a “to go container”, quite another story. When I go up to the counter and ask the man (Ray) if they typically have only one server on a Saturday, he says yes and that is on purpose. When I say is that so the one server can take all of the tips, he proceeds to tell me that I was on the phone the entire time. Well Mr. Ray, I may have been on the phone (bored to death while I waited my turn for service) however, I acknowledged the server immediately the three times she came to my table. I held my card waiting and waiting till I had to get up to ask to pay. Word of advise, find a job not in the service industry dude. Will not return if that is the business strategy and the hiring choices that are made.

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