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Hey food critic, how about finding some “off the beaten path” type places?!?! Ok..Ok..Ok… I heard you already! So the other day I was talking about the bacon donut at Cinotti’s Bakery which is freaking awesome…I mean Bacon and Donut combined? Yes please. Ok, back on topic. I was talking about donuts and someone said “you have to go to Donuts Etc and try THE UGLY“. I was scared and curious at the same time. I was also told to get there early because the sellout quick and they close early. So off I went!
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5804 N Main St
Jacksonville, FL 32208

Location: It’s WAYYYY down Main St. Down around 50th and Main St. It’s across the street from the vacant Food Lion store.

Food: I knew I wanted to try the “Ugly” so I asked the owner what else should I try…I wasn’t just going to walk away with one donut, come on now. The owner said I should try the “twister” because that was a favorite. So I took one of each and walked out the door and quickly drove home to try out these delicious baked goods. After taking a couple photographs and brewing a cup of coffee, I dived right in. I went with the twister first and I was amazed how soft it was. It had a light, what tasted like honey based, glaze to it and it was great. Not too sticky but definitely sweet enough. Once I inhaled that, I went to the closer….THE UGLY…I’m not scared…I won’t judge you by your name or appearance. I’m ashamed to say this but I have no idea what flavoring it had. It was very good though, fluffy on the inside but a little crunchy on the outside. It tasted like there was cinnamon in it, but I’m not 100% sure. It was very sweet, so you will get the sugar high :)

Extras: The place is neat. I don’t mean this in a bad way, but it is a hole in the wall. And we all know that is often where you find great food. You walk into this place and you’re immediately transported back about 30 years. The signs are all old (not made to look old…actually old, original signs) and the booths and chairs lining the walls are very old school. It’s a no nonsense type place. I loved it. A couple hard working ladies (I assume they were the owners) shuffling along serving customers. I didn’t try the coffee but I bet it’s thick and makes the hair stand up on end. Very cool.

The Good
– Awesome decor
– Everything is fresh
– Great taste/value (my two donuts cost $3.14 out the door)

The Bad
– It’s kind of out there in the middle of nowhere
– It closes and sells out quickly
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  1. I was so surprised when I read you had ‘reviewed’ this family favorite donut shop! Most people, have no idea what a real donut should taste like. The owners / bakers at this store do and it has been the same for many happy years. When I take home a box of these treats, they go very fast. The original honey glazed is a little taste of heaven.

  2. I agree. I’ve never tasted doughnuts as good as these. I would highly recommend you take the time and seek them out. Their prices are the most reasonable in time and the service is top notched.

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