Fionn MacCool’s Restaurant Review Jacksonville Landing

Fionn MacCool’s (Jacksonville Landing)
2 Independent Drive, St. 176
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
General Manager: Paul Glaser
Fionn MacCool’s Website
Twitter: @fionnmaccools

Yep, we had a gift certificate, this makes two reviews in a row that we aren’t paying full price! The wife won a $50 gift certificate to the Jacksonville Landing so we figured we would try out something new. And by new, I mean the Irish restaurant that I had been bugging my wife to go to with me. Why not right? It’s free, how can we go wrong?

Location: It is at the end of the Landing on the Main Street Bridge side. If you are facing the Landing from out front, it is all the way to the left.

Interior: What you would expect at an Irish Pub, lots of celtic crosses, old wood, green colors. Not many booths, mostly 4 seaters tables throughout. It was pretty empty when we got there at 10pm. There was live music playing outside, so that was nice.

Cost: For an appetizer, two drinks from the bar, 2 entree’s and sharing a desert it cost us $60.

Food: I ordered a Landshark beer $5–Delicious as usual! Then moving on to the appetizer, we went with the Spinach Dip for $7.99 and let me say right now, that ended up being the highlight of the evening, very creamy and spicy. For entrees I ordered the Steak Boxty $9.99 and my wife got the Fish and Chips $11.99. The Boxty is basically a pancake potato burrito with steak, onions and mushrooms inside. It comes with a glaze on it that is WAYYYY over the top sweet. If you are a diabetic, avoid this at all costs. The steak was very tender, the mushrooms were canned and you could barely taste any onion due to the overpowering sauce. The Fish and Chips came with a HUGE piece of Cod! You definitely get your money’s worth with this entree. The one complaint my wife had was that it came with a bowl of canned peas. Why canned? Why not fresh? She said “I would rather them not be on here if they are going to be canned”. Such a snob huh? But in her defense, they weren’t appetizing. We ended the night with a Creme Brulee $5.99. It was ice cold but the top was nice and crunchy. Good taste, just a little too cold for us. Oh, my wife’s glass of White Zin was $5.00

Extra Notes: The waiter disappeared for long periods of time…we were the only ones in there for about 45 minutes, you would think he would be on top of the service. Nope. And of course one of everyone’s complaints in Jacksonville about the Landing is…Parking! Hard as hell to find parking around there without forking over some cash. If they ever get the parking situation worked out, I think a lot more people will come to the Landing.

Overall Cost: Without tip $49.10
Overall Rating 1-10: 6.5
Would I eat here again: Probably not. I would stop by there for drinks and the live music though, just not dinner.

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on “Fionn MacCool’s Restaurant Review Jacksonville Landing
5 Comments on “Fionn MacCool’s Restaurant Review Jacksonville Landing
  1. I’ve tried Fionn McCools a number of times and while its great on the outside patio for drinks, bands, and scenery, they don’t seem to care about anything or what they are serving, much like the other restaurants at the Landing. You get the vibe that no one wants to be there. Management is clearly not paying attention. Lots of open bickering between the staff, and plenty of eye rolls visible to customers. Someone from out of town may sit down and enjoy it for a one time visit, but if you are a local, other than a beer, this is not the place to go. It ALWAYS smells like the party from the night before, possibly one mop for the whole restaurant including bathrooms.

    The only bright spot was a vibrant trainee server who was attentive and caring upon us receiving undercooked chips with the spinich dip that were so greasy and soft they were dripping. 4 of us couldn’t stomach more than one. Legit first time I’ve ever been at a table that has sent food back. (The cooks gave the eye roll when it came back). Poor trainee just doesn’t know what she’s in for. She will soon be burnt out as well.

    • When we went, we should have taken the empty dinning room as a sign and just left but I’m Irish, so I thought I would give them a shot anyways. Bad idea as you can tell. I do think people are mixing up the bar side/hang out vibe with the actual restaurant. The restaurant is what I was reviewing, so the bar area and the live music probably is pretty cool. I agree with you, it seems like a lot of the restaurants at the Landing just kind of “mail it in”.

  2. We won’t be back either. Food presentation was nice looking, but the taste was lacking. Way too greasy, undercooked, and it was evident they didn’t care. Drinks were pretty expensive and service was terrible. For a 60$ dinner for two people I expected a much better time. Won’t come here again!

  3. Ok this place is the worst. I may be a little biased as being English,Scottish and black. The fish and chips are terrible and so is the service. At first we thought maybe they have never met a black Scot. So that’s why they were so rude so we went back a second time a fee months later. Nope that was just real rudeness. We ordered the sausage rolls missing home and figuring they really can’t screw that up to bad. After all this is the us home of the pig in a blanket Nope wrong again. These were the worst things I have ever eaten in my life. It put the worst paddington paki fishy shop to shame. If you have high blood pressure they will kill you. We kept trying to figure out if they poured the whole container of salt in just to hide the taste of the bad pork. save your money and stay home

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