Firehouse Subs Restaurant Review Jacksonville San Marco

This review was based solely on my desire to try out the Pork/Slaw King’s Hawaiian sandwich I hear so much about on the radio. I will give Firehouse Subs some credit for getting the word out on this “limited time” sandwich. Was it good? Watch the video and then check out my write up.

Firehouse Subs
1949-1 San Marco Blvd
Jacksonville, FL. 32207
Firehouse Subs Jacksonville Florida
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Location: Right in the heart of the San Marco restaurant district. Decent parking available in front and back. There is a rear entrance if you park in the back, so that is good. Just be warned, if you eat and then walk around, I hear they enforce the towing policy.

Food: My wife went with what is probably one of their more popular sandwiches: The Hook and Ladder combo. It came with a drink and chips for $7.78. I came with one thing on my mind, the King Hawaiian sandwich. For the combo it was $8.18. No option to make the sandwich bigger because it comes in a round roll, not the traditional long style roll. I won’t review my wife’s sandwich because I’m sure you don’t care about that. Now on to the main event. The King Hawaiian Pork/Slaw! I was surprised that it was a round bread but that is probably just me, my wife predicted it would be round. I’m an idiot I suppose. Let me just say, I wasn’t disappointed at all. This thing hit the spot in all areas. I’m usually a snob when it comes to BBQ sauce and frankly I was worried it would be sweet (I prefer mustard base sauces). It wasn’t either actually, it was very subtle and then it was covered in a tangy slaw. Very good, very flavorful and VERY MESSY! From the first bite, the juices were running down my hand and all over the place. I just ate directly over the chips so it just added flavor to them later. The bread was great by the way, everything you come to expect from the bakers of the Hawaiian bread, very soft and a subtle sweet taste. Oh and the pork, BIG chunks, not overly shredded so it gave it some heft when eating. I want another sandwich just thinking about it.

Overall Rating 1-10: 8.5 I would give it higher if it wasn’t for the mess it created. Once you grab it and start eating it, you have to keep going because it is a little too messy to keep putting it down and picking it back up.

Extra Info: Of course Firehouse Subs is known for having the Coke Freestyle so that was neat, lots of options and for the kids at heart, you can always make a “suicide”. You know, the mix of everything! Hello Diabetes! The one critique was by my wife. When she used the restroom she commented that there were no hooks in the women’s room to hang your purse. Not a big deal for guys, but does a woman want to put a couple hundred dollar purse on the bathroom floor? It’s the little details that often get overlooked. That’s our only critique, so that’s a win!

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