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Have you ever been to Europe? The new thing is eating french fries while walking around. At least that’s what I hear, I haven’t been overseas in about 6yrs. Regardless, down south, we love all things fried and if you put toppings on top of fried things…even better. Check out my pictures and then read my French Fry Heaven Restaurant Review below.


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4663 River City Dr.
Jacksonville, FL. 32246

Location: It’s down by the least traveled part of the St. Johns Town Center. For perspective, it’s on the side of the street that the Apple store is, but go in the direction of where Cantina Laredo is. It isn’t an actual store, it’s more of a kiosk on the corner type thing.

Food: You have your “Angels” which are your classic fries and you have your “Saints” which are sweet potato fries. Once you pick which type of fries you want, then you have the hard task of picking out the topping. There are literally about 100 different type of combinations when you factor in the flavored salts too.

In the pictures above, you can see I tried the Strawberry Lemonade ($3.00) and “Festival Saint” (Costs range from $4.00 to $7.00 depending on what size you want) which tastes exactly like a funnel cake! I mean, dead freaking on. I loved this one. The strawberry lemonade was good too, not too tart and not too sweet. I also tried the “GarlicParm” Angels (pictured below) which are exactly as the title sounds. These are the local favorites but not mine. I wish there was more cheese on them actually. If you have read my previous reviews or if I have given you one of my business cards, you know “cheese is the secret ingredient” lol. These were good, just not cheesy enough for me. And lastly, I tried the “French Quarter” Angels (pictured below) which are regular fries with a Cajun Remoulade on them. These are awesome. But let me warn you, they have a little kick to them too. The remoulade was spot on, perfect. So, my suggestion would be for someone to order the Festival Saints and the French Quarter Angels and share them. Also, they offer a ton of different type of salts which can completely change the flavor. Try the original preparation and if you don’t like it, the salt might help.

Extras: While it isn’t up yet, they plan on adding a chest high bar like table on the back of the kiosk with little holes that you can stick your cone of fries in which will make it easier to eat. That is the one real drawback I have with this, there isn’t a lot of seating around that area so if you have a bag from shopping and now the cone of fries in your hand, it’s not easy to eat. But they are addressing that. They are also opening a location in the Avenues Mall, which I think will be the best place for it. It will be located downstairs under the food court at the bottom of the escalator. Opposite of Auntie Annies Pretzel. I think this will be better because you will be able to grab your fries and then go upstairs and find a seat in the food court and enjoy them. Oh, and they are going to open a location in St. Augustine as well. I’m not sure of the exact location.

The Good:
– Novel idea
– Hot and crispy fries
– Lots…TONS…of options

The bad:
– Difficult to walk around and eat fries if you have anything else with you.
– I’m not a fan of the cone as the serving vehicle. I would rather a “boat” type dish so you can keep dipping your fries in whatever topping you get if the toppings fall off.

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16 Comments on “French Fry Heaven Restaurant Review
  1. I saw them when I was there last. They are in front of the Mac store. I wondered if they were good. Thanks for the review. :)

    • Actually, it’s in front of Betsey Johnson, across from Michael Kors and catty-corner from Tommy Bahama.

      • Thanks! I guess that Betsey Johnson will be closing real soon huh? I can’t believe they are shutting down like that.

  2. Okay, I’ve been wanting to try this forever. My friend Steph went and loved it. I pretty much want to try all of them except the nasty ketchup on. Ketchup = fries ruiner. lol But I heard there is a dill pickle flavor and I LOVE dill pickle chips. Yum.

    Good review. This would make for an easy lunch break/snack.

  3. I tried French Fry Heaven late last year before I got really into food reviews on my blog… Man I wish I’d a review because I had a lot to say about it ;)

  4. It don’t get much more like heaven, than french fries! I love all of the varieties! What a great idea, especially for us southern folk! You are living the dream!

  5. Can’t wait to try them– haven’t been to TC in awhile– now yet another reason to go! Keep up the great reviews :)

  6. Happy to see you enjoyed your fries :) I will def be trying to Festival fries next time I go. Couldn’t be more excited there is a location going in at the Avenues. And you got the strawberry lemonade…told ya it was the bomb :)

  7. I am always at the St.John’s TC working for and meeting clients. I think I saw this place on the FIRST COAST LIVING show the other day.
    I would love to stop by to try your food.

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