Hamburger Mary’s Restaurant Review

This restaurant is like a snowflake, there is nothing else like it in Jacksonville. While this place may not be for everybody, it sure seemed like everyone was there! This place was non-stop with customers. Check out the video of one of the performers that was there, she is the one that looks like Carnie Wilson in this Chick-Fil-A video lol. They brought in the talent! Check out my Hamburger Mary’s Restaurant Review below the video.

3333-1 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, FL. 32207

Location: It’s about a block East of Mudville Grille on Beach Blvd. From what I hear, this about the 4th restaurant in this location in the past couple of years.

Food: I ordered the Meaty Mushroom Burger which is a blend of sauteed mushrooms, with melted swiss cheese, lettuce, pickle and Mary sauce with a side of seasoned french fries for $9.95. To be honest, the burger was average. It wasn’t really anything special. The seasoned fries were really good. They went heavy on the seasoning, which I like, and the fries were hot and crispy. I was at a table of 12 people so I figured some food would come out cold…nope, no complaints. I also ordered a “house margarita” for $7.00 and “mary” sized it for another $2.00. The margarita was decent but I did notice there was a TON of ice in it. So the glass is deceiving (insert joke here), it only took a few sips and I was down to the ice. The wife went with an order of wings and she said they were pretty good. Not too spicey (she went with mild) but everything was hot and to her standards. Like I said, the food isn’t anything special…I mean, it’s not bad at all, honestly, it’s just not the reason you come to Hamburger Mary’s. The next section is!

Extras: So in case you haven’t been to the website or seen them on Facebook, the main attraction is the Drag Show. Their shows are at 8pm and 9:30pm and the place fills up fast. I definitely suggest reservations, I heard several people being turned away at the door. Once you get there and they seat you at the table, you will see your name was being held in a high heeled shoe. Nice touch :) Someone noticed it was a small shoe and suggested it would be awesome if it was a size 13 lol. That would be hilarious! Once you are seated (I recommend asking if you can get a table by the stage when you call for reservations because you miss most of the show if you are in the back) they quickly get your order so they can try and get you your food before the show starts. Piece of advice, sit on the end of the tables if you want to be a part of the show, sit in the middle if you don’t want to. Once the show starts, sit back and enjoy. The signing and costumes were top notch. The performers walk around the restaurant and interact with the crowd while the crowd hands out money (lots and lots of ones flying around). Don’t worry, if you want pictures, they pose after the show is over. Everyone I went with had a blast, don’t be afraid to try this place out. Oh, and I heard someone say this was a “family friendly” drag show….uh no…I heard some language (took me back to my Navy days) and I saw some ass cheeks hanging out on one of the performers lol. It’s exciting to see a place like this in Jacksonville. Check it out and let me know what you thought of it!
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on “Hamburger Mary’s Restaurant Review
15 Comments on “Hamburger Mary’s Restaurant Review
  1. So funny! They wanted to come to The Landing but we didn’t have a place for them Bummer, because I really thought it could be a great addition to downtown!
    Glad to hear it’s a lot of fun. I can’t wait to check it out.
    Also, I have that same multi-colored plate! Just one … not sure where it came from. Maybe I’ll take it in when I go eat and they’ll give me a free burger on it!! ;)

  2. Um – you should have ordered the Fried Mac n Cheese Balls. Yes. Balls. They were delicious. Had you been at our end of the table we would have shared. Maybe. But probably not. Devon – I’ll go back any time so you name it and I’m there!

  3. Menu looks great, but seriously, drag? People still find that interesting? Men dressed up as ladies hasn’t been titillating for at least fifty years.

  4. We had a blast, show was great and the food very good, The service was tip top. We cannot wait to go back and bring the rest of the family.

  5. Not gay friendly. NOT AT ALL. Do not believe previous “reviews”. Food is less than adequate. Try it. But, I urge you not to waste your money. This place will become another bankruptcy in Jax because of their lack of oversight of employees and food control. Of course the food is good the day the critic walks in. DUH! Nice thought. Bad execution. If you’re looking for a reason to get away from Moncrief Road for a night. Come on out. Gold teeth are your entrance ticket. Then you can bug me, “the fag” in the parking lot for a light whlile your “girl” is tippin one of the 3 washed up drags inside. Save your money. Go away!

    • Sorry to hear that you didn’t have a good time and enjoy your dining experience. It sounds like we had completely different experiences. And just so you know, they had no idea I was coming or that I was a food critic. I don’t want to get special treatment so usually I just say something when I leave and let them know that I was there and a review would be out soon.

  6. We went there for a trivia night and my burger with a fried egg on it was pretty were my fries! The service was HORRIBLE though. Very, very slow, even before trivia started. Our server told us they didn’t have pickles, asked if one friend wanted her whole sandwich fried (I think it was a chicken sandwich, I forget), etc. That being said, it was a fun overall experience and the food wasn’t horrible. I will definitely be back at some point. Especially since we didn’t get thrown out for mocking some dumb guy who didn’t like the Jaguars. (Yes, there was alcohol involved and the drinks were fairly strong lol)

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