Hightide Burrito Co. Restaurant Review Jacksonville San Marco

Hightide Burrito Co.
1538 Hendricks Avenue
Jacksonville, FL. 32207
Owner: Alex Juarez
Hightide Website
Twitter: Nope, they don’t have one. Hello?!?! Time to step it up.

Tonight was a GoLo (Go Local) night for the family. We had never been here but have passed it several times. We had a “spend $25, get $10 off” Teal Deal burning a hole in our pocket so we thought we would give it a shot.

Location: Corner building with it’s own designated parking
Interior: Very contemporary, they have blue colored light boxes on the wall. Very neat. Several TV’s with surfing and ESPN on them. Seating for about 30 people.
Cost: The entire menu is pretty much in line with Moe’s and Chipotle price wise.
Food: I ordered the Hightide Burrito which had Panko Breaded Fish, Fresh Cabbage, Beans, Cilantro/Onion, Cheese & Peruvian Sauce. It was $7.75 and came with a bag of chips and a cup of salsa (you pick level of spiciness). A coke was $1.85. Overall impression of the burrito was VERY FRESH. I usually don’t go for fish burritos but this was very good, not heavy and had a sweet/tangy flavor to it due to the cabbage and peruvian sauce. As you can see in the picture, they serve it to you cut in half. My suggestion is to swap one half with whoever you came with and try two different burrito’s. The sweetness was great but after starting on the second half, it kind of got overwhelming. The chips were great, you can tell they are made on site and not store bought.

Extra Notes: My wife ordered the CBG (Chicken, Bacon, Guacamole) burrito. The Guacamole comes in chunks, not the usual paste version. She said the flavor was good but the rice was bland and took away from it. We also were surprised at the cost of the kids meal initially, it was $4.99 for a kids quesadilla and came with a bowl of black beans and a drink. When it got to the table, we saw why…it was huge! My 5yr old son can eat like a champ but he couldn’t put the whole thing away. Good value. The one thing that confused us when leaving was we couldn’t tell if we were supposed to bus the table ourselves or if they do it. Eventually we did it just because we didn’t want to be “those people”.

Overall cost for 2 adults and one kid to eat: $26.10
Overall rating 1-10: 7.5
Would I eat here again: Sure…especially with a coupon.

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