Hola Mexican Restaurant Review

Let me start this off with something my wife said to me the other day. She said “You should make a ‘meh’ category”. She was referencing my categories ofEat HereandDon’t Eat Here“. If you don’t know whatmehmeans, just click on it for the definition or you can watch the video below. You will see that there is now a tab for “meh”.

1001 North Main St.
Jacksonville, FL. 32206

Food: As far as Mexican goes, it’s average. I actually liked the complimentary (they told me I was pretty…Oh, I mean, they are free) chips and salsa. If I had to be critical of those, I would say the salsa is a little on the thin side but it did taste fresh and the chips were cooked just right and salted perfectly. As far as praises go, that is about it for Hola’s. For the main dish, I ordered the #42 Chimichanga $7.99 (Menu description: A chicken or steak burrito deep fried to perfection and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole. Served with rice and beans.) I always order mine without tomatoes but there should have been guacamole. There wasn’t. I didn’t even realize until I got home, that I missed an item on my order.

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Ok, back to food. Usually I’m not a fan of Mexican rice but this was decent and the refried beans were unremarkable. I went with the steak fried burrito. To those unaware, what is inside is …. just steak (if you can call it steak). The “steak” was stringy and I was unable to cut it with the knife. The knife cut through the fried tortilla just fine, but then it came down to just holding one section still with the fork and then using the knife to tear the meat. There was a lot of struggling and mushing around. The end result was just a blob of stuff. At that point, I needed a spoon just to scoop it up. The meat was tasteless at best. Not impressed with this item.

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Extra: Everything was hot! The food was hot and so was the restaurant. I don’t know if the A/C was broken or if they just don’t normally run it, but dang, it was hot in there. Add the humidity and I just wanted to eat and get out. I have been there a few times (I live in the neighborhood) and while I haven’t had the A/C issues before, the food has been about the same each time. This is one of those places that you won’t necessarily leave disappointed because the prices weren’t insane but I also think it’s a place that after you leave, by the end of the day you will have forgotten you ate there. That last sentence is exactly how it’s earned it’s spot as the first “meh” restaurant.

Kid Friendly? Absolutely. There is covered outside seating too if you have little kids that sometimes need a little more room to eat.

The Good:
– Fast service
– Reasonable prices
– I have heard they have strong margaritas (It was lunch on a week day, didn’t want to get my drink on yet)

The Bad:
– Service is so fast, they forgot an item completely
– On the day of my visit, no A/C
– Food is borderline unremarkable

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