Moe’s Southwest Grill Restaurant Review

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As you know from my previous reviews, I’m always craving Mexican food. I would have to say that Moe’s is the Mexican food version of Firehouse. Let me explain.
Moe's Southwest Restaurant Review 1Moe's Southwest Review 1
4403 Roosevelt Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Latest Health Inspection: 01/16/2014
High Priority Violations: 1
Intermediate Violations: 2
Basic Violations: 3

Kid Friendly: Yes

Food: Lately I have been on a quesadilla kick. So, this time I opted to skip the burrito and see what Moe’s could do with a quesadilla. If you have ever been to Moe’s Southwest Grill, you know that the minute you walk in, they great you with their famous “Welcome to Moe’s!” These guys must have eyes in the back of their head because I thought I had snuck in unseen, but they greeted me anyways lol. That’s why I call them the Firehouse of Mexican food lol. Food ninja’s.
Salsa Bar Jacksonville Florida 1Best Salsa Jacksonville 1

Once you check out the menu board and make your choice, you move on to the assembly line of goodness. You give the first person your order and they then proceed to build your entree to your specifications. Tons of options and it is all fresh. I went with a steak quesadilla with cheese, black beans, fresh diced jalapenos, black olives (I know, I’m weird) and fresh cilantro. I was keeping things simple tonight, but you don’t have to. With every order comes chips. I opted for the meal which is a small cup of queso and a drink. You don’t necessarily need the queso because they have a pretty good salsa bar and you are free to get as much as you want.
Where to eat in Jacksonville 1Best Quesadilla Jacksonville 1
The quesadilla was good, the tortilla was nice and crunchy without being overly done, the steak was good and juicy. There was plenty of the rest of the ingredients because I saw them make it in front of me. The queso was good and warm and I ate it so fast, it didn’t even get a chance to form that skin that forms when you eat too slow :) I added a couple of the salsas and alternated between them throughout my meal. I would recommend Moe’s to anyone that is looking for something better than Taco Bell but doesn’t want to go broke getting your Mexican food fix. Check them out and let me know what you think.

The Good:
- Super friendly
– Good value
– Everything is fresh
– Great portion sizes

The Bad:
We need one downtown lol

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on “Moe’s Southwest Grill Restaurant Review
30 Comments on “Moe’s Southwest Grill Restaurant Review
  1. I enjoy the quesadillas a great deal. Moe’s is practically right on top of my house in Mandarin, so it’s not a long trip to make. I would say the comparison between Moe’s/Firehouse is apt, but I think I enjoy what Firehouse does — in its sub milieu — a bit more.

  2. Now I want some Moe’s. I’m glad to know that the queso at the Roosevelt location is good because the last one I went to it was really watery and I’ve been worried that they changed their recipe.

  3. Am I the only person who thinks it is a bit strange that you constantly review very well known chains when we live in a city of amazing local restaurants? You could have EASILY found a great local Mexican restaurant.

  4. The Moe’s in Jax Beach is just subpar. The restaurant is usually dirty and the food, as of late, has also been subpar. Their guacamole tasted like cleaning solution. I used to be a big Moe’s fan but am avoiding this location for a while.

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