Opie’s Wings, Oysters and More Restaurant Review

It’s been a while since I have been to Orange Park so when I knew I would be in the area I asked for suggestions and an Orange Park native said if I wanted some of the best wings in Orange Park, I had to head over to Opie’s Wings Oysters and More. I decided to follow her suggestion, she kind of knows good food :)

2141 Loch Rane Blvd
Orange Park, FL. 32073

Location: If you are staring at the entrance to the Orange Park Country Club, look to your left, it’s right there. It’s real close to Orange Park High School too and one of the few remaining K-Marts in all of the world!

Food: Let me just say this, if fried pickles are on the menu, I’m getting them. Yeah, just what I need, another fried vegetable to shove down my throat and have it spend 3 years in the form of fat around my midsection. But hey, I’m doing this for my followers right? Right? Is anyone actually reading this? Sigh. So, yeah, we ordered some fried pickles for $6.99 and they came out pretty quick. They were hot and crispy and the ranch was good. I’m kind of picky about my ranch dressing. The only thing I found wrong with these were when we got down to the last few pickles, they were sitting in a tiny pool of grease but I imagine it’s hard not transferring some of it. The portion size was a little bit on the tiny size but it’s a locally owned restaurant so I expect the prices to be a tad higher due to them not buying in mass quantities. Anyways, I came for wings and they had the exact flavor I wanted. Talk about awesome. I am a Cajun Ranch wing guy (Wild Wing Cafe didn’t have them). I ordered 20 for $15.99. As you can see, they come in an old time brown wooden wing bowl, pretty neat. The wings were perfect. Not a single complaint about them. They rank as some of the best I’ve had. Side note: I left our leftover wings by mistake, thought the wife grabbed them. I’m still dealing with my loss, they would have been a great snack :( The wife, being the Cajun native, went with a shrimp Po’Boy for $9.50 and a side of onion rings for an upcharge of $1.00. Want to be judged critically? Have a Louisianan try one of your dishes that is from their state! Here is her assessment of the Po’Boy —> It was fresh and tasty but there could have been a couple more shrimp, and the shrimp were a little overcooked. Also, the sandwich didn’t have any mayonnaise on it or on the side, she had to ask for it. She said usually they come with it back in her “homeland”. Me being a Florida native, I would have never thought about it haha. The onion rings were hot and it was a huge portion. I tried to help her, I’m a team player right? That’s what husbands do, we step up and help clear the plate. We also tried an order of their “new” mozzarella sticks. They are hearty and fresh tasting but also a little difficult to eat, they were falling apart. But they were very good and worth a little effort.

Extra Info: We met Jeff, the new owner, who bought the place in October of 2011. What a nice guy. He has recently remodeled the place so if you haven’t been there in a while, you might be surprised with the new look. We also had the pleasure of meeting Denise, the cook, and we were told that they are going to all fresh battered food. Most of what we ate was freshly battered, not factory frozen/battered. This might explain the mozzarella sticks falling apart, so I can imagine they will get the kinks worked out. The flavor and freshness are there, so I will get them again next time. While the prices are a little higher than most bar food, it’s to be expected when dining in a local establishment and to me it’s worth it to support local businesses.

The Good
-GREAT wings!
-Fresh battered food
-Friendly staff and owner

The bad
-Prices a little high
-Location not visible and a little difficult to find if you aren’t familiar with the area

Opie's Wings Oysters and More Restaurant ReviewsOpie's Wings Oysters and More Restaurant Review 1

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  1. Op has some other good stuff now. Sorbello’s on Blanding is a sicillian spot that has an amazing Penne Matrigiana. they also do a really good Frutti de Mare. El Palermo at the corner of Blanding and kingsley does Pierto rican and they have a really good Pernil or Skirt Steak. Thai Cafe on 17 is a nice spot to get lunch for 7-8 bucks. I recommend the Basil anything. Their Tomm Ka Gai is good too but I have had better.. Mojo’s in Felming island has a killer Briscuit sandwhich that goes great with mustard based bbq sauce. The Carnitas at the OP a Nopalera blows all other carnitas out of the water! Thier Tacos Alpastor is also very good ( don’t forget the limes on either!). Shrimp Shack on Blanding also has a lot of really good seafood and good portions for the price. They have 30 shrimp for $10 every 15th and 30th of the month. We have a Jimmy John’s now which are the best cold subs around made on fresh in-house baked bread. We also have little Saigon in OP for some good Pho. PK Noodles may be better but it is a long drive and Little Saigon is still really good.

    Check us out in OP. We are finally getting some good food.

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