Pepe’s Hacienda Restaurant Review

I’m always on the quest for good Mexican food and my wife is a chips and salsa aficionado, so when some friends of ours told us about Pepe’s Hacienda and Restaurant, off we went. Check out my review below and let me know if you’ve been there and agree or disagree.
Pepe's Hacienda Restaurant Review 2
3615 Dupont Ave Ste 900
Jacksonville, FL 32217

Location: It’s nestled in the back of a shopping center off of DuPont Ave. Located in the University Blvd and Philips Hwy area.

Latest Health Inspection: Can’t find one :/

Kid Friendly: Yep!
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Food: I went with my go to dish when I’m trying out a place for the first time, I ordered the Fajitas. I ordered the one with everything on it, chicken, steak and shrimp. First off, the shrimp were HUGE. Not many, but the ones that I got were huge. The chicken was dried out and the steak and shrimp were perfectly cooked. The vegetables were nice and crisp still. I like a little crunch to them, it let’s me know they are fresh. The portion size was good but I have to say that there wasn’t much seasoning to it. If you are all about the natural flavors, then this is perfect for you. I just didn’t taste any of the normal spices I tend to love, when eating Mexican food. The tortillas were good, but wherever I go, I never seem to get enough. Do these restaurants not see the size of the stuff they want us to stuff into 3 tortillas? Who are you kidding? LOL. I’m sure this is done to cut down on waste. They always give more upon request.

The beans were good, it’s kind of hard to mess those up. I loved the rice (usually I don’t). It also came with a side of lettuce. No sour cream or guacamole though :(
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Extras: The food was really slow getting out to the table and it wasn’t really that busy. It does seem like the restaurant where all the locals go for their authentic Mexican food. The really neat thing is that it’s attached to a small grocery store and if you see from the picture up at the top of the review, the dinning area has pinatas hanging everywhere. So, if you are ever looking for one, this is the place to go. Check out the Tacos my wife ordered, they were REALLY good.

The Good:
– Great portions/value
– Authentic for sure
– Tons of parking
– Not expensive
– Neat dining room

The Bad:
– A little slow service
– Not seasoned as much as I like

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