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Wait till you read what happened while I was there, that is the best part of the review lol. I still can’t believe it happened so I can only laugh about how disgusting it was.
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4624 Town Crossing Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32246
No phone number listed

Location: It’s in the strip at the St. Johns Town Center that hosts Sweets By Holly (Excellent cupcakes!) and Crispers (Crappy food and service).

Food: I was dying for something to eat and while I try to stay away from chain restaurants, there aren’t a ton of local places at the St. Johns Town Center. I was limited on time, as I was meeting someone shortly, so I figured some chain would just have to do… I wasn’t going to review it anyways. Well, as you know, I don’t review a chain restaurant unless it is bad. I am especially doing this one so you know you can strike this off the list of possible places for a meal at the Town Center. I had never been here, so while I didn’t have high hopes, I was at least hoping for average mass produced food. The decor inside was nothing to write about, it was average, bunch of seats and tables, cheap mass produced decor with no character. Whatever, I was in a hurry. I ordered the Chicken Ranch Burrito, drink, chips and a side of queso for $10.24 out the door.

First off, they were out of the fresh grilled veggies so I had to wait while they made a new batch. As far as those go, they were decent but the were HUGE in the burrito. They should be cut a tad bit thinner so it mixes better with the rest of the ingredients. Now for the chicken. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that they bought it at a Costco or BJ’s Warehouse. I picture it coming in a huge clear plastic bag with the chicken already cooked and the “Grilled” flavor sprayed right on after they paint the “grilled” marks on the chicken. That chicken was just nasty. It reminded me of the grilled chicken they served in school. The side of queso did not match the serving size of the chips. TONS of chips, shot glass full of queso. The queso was $1.49 by itself?!?! Not worth it. The best part of the actual meal is that the drink is free refills. Yep, it has come to that. That’s the best part. Read the next section.

Extras: So, I’m sitting there thinking to myself: “this food tastes nasty” when suddenly I get this whiff of $hit. Yeah, you read that right. And it wasn’t just regular $hit. It was of the baby variety. You know, the kind that will take paint off the wall, the kind that will stain your clothes, the kind that will linger in your nose for a good 24hrs (I can verify this, I have two kids). As I look around what appears to be an empty dining room, I spot the only other customers. It was a mother, her spouse and their two kids. I figure it must be them, maybe the baby just passed gas. I can’t hold it against the little guy, it happens right? Well, I wish it was that the kid just passed gas. What actually was going on was that both parents were changing poop diapers on both kids right in the BOOTH!?!?! I immediately start to gag but out of the corner of my eye, I see the manager or what I think is a manager wandering over to them. I’m thinking to myself “this guy will say something and rescue me!” Nope, he walks right over to them and asks how they are doing and sees that they are changing diapers and gives them a smile and walks off! WTH?! To top it off, he doesn’t even come over to me and I’m just a booth away! Thanks dude, you have now matched the aroma to the food. I won’t be coming here again. Not only was the food below average, you clearly have no sanitation or regard for your other customers. My one and only visit to this place.

The Good:
– This is their only location left in Jacksonville, the other 3 have closed
– The veggies were fresh (but way to big for a burrito)

The Bad:
– This is the last location open (please close it)
– When you order a burrito, you get a side order of baby $hit aroma
– The manager doesn’t stand up for the customer or when he sees something wrong

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  1. That is sooooooo disgusting. I would never. Like why not take them into the bathroom?? So inconsiderate.

    True story: I went to a Qdoba in NC at the behest of my friend who said it was “amazing”. It was Taco bell quality at Cantina Laredo prices. I would never go into another one.
    Well while we were there my one year old daughter needed her diaper changed. Guess what? I went into the bathroom and used their changing table. It was only peepee too.

  2. Man…that is hilarious in a cringe worthy way. Was the manager some meek fellow who was hoping his presence would cause them to stop? Or perhaps he figured it was all just too late and by telling the offending party to leave – he would be encouraging them to use the instrument of karma held within the dirty diapers. Clearly they have no shame.

  3. Did you see they closed down? Not sure when. We went to get Sweet! cupcakes today for Dad’s birthday celebration tonight and I saw they were closed. Not a huge surprise. Hope something good goes in there though!

  4. Next time you are at the Town Center try Ted’s. Also I notice that your Southside reviews don’t include any of the many Indian spots on that side of town. Flavors, 5th element, Mayuri’s Masala’s and India’s are all Jacksonville staples (though I heard from a buddy that Flavors should be avoided due to some shenanigans that goes on in the kitchen.)

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