Sweet Pete’s Restaurant Review

You want to talk about one of the most unique candy places in Jacksonville? Yeah, that would be this place. When I talk to people about Sweet Pete’s, I tell them it is something out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The owners, Pete and Allison, have taken a historic house and turned it into a bright and fun place to bring your kids and have some good ole fashioned fun! You and your kids will be treated to a place like no other in Jacksonville. It is freaking awesome.

1922 Pearl St.
Jacksonville, FL. 32206

Location: Just a block or two North from the corner of Pearl St. and 8th Street. Not far from Shands Hospital.

Candy: This is where I would normally review the “food” but of course, all they have here are delicious treats that don’t fit in the food pyramid anywhere. Although I think the government should seriously think about adding this group haha. The best part of Sweet Pete’s is that there are tons of options. I’m a dark chocolate kind of guy and sometimes that isn’t as easy to come by as milk chocolate. At Sweet Pete’s they have tons! Score. Most of their candy is where you shovel/scoop what you want into a clear plastic bag and then weigh it and pay by the pound. I like this because you can try just a tiny bit of something you aren’t sure you want to commit to. Like the dark chocolate covered cayenne pepper! The first time (I come here often) I got it, I just scooped about 5 pieces out and then went home and tried it and loved it. They have chocolate covered rose petals, lavender, olive oil and other weird and exciting things. To be honest, I have never had something here that I didn’t like. Is that because I’m fat? Do fat people like everything? Or is it because their candy creations are so good? I will let you decide and leave me a comment below. Now let me tell you this though, if you go there, you have to at least try their Sea Salt Caramels. I can promise you that if you ever talk to someone that has been there, they will tell you to try them too. The Sea Salt Caramels are their signature candy. Hands down. Last week was National Caramel Day and my wife and mom went by and picked up a pound and got a 1/4 pound free. That didn’t stand a chance in our house. It looked like a cellophane bomb went off in our house within 24hrs. Nothing but empty wrappers strewn around the place lol. Anyways, make sure you grab a couple and try them out. They also have ice cream, they make cotton candy and have tons of gluten free options.

Extra Info: Have you heard of Peterbrooke Chocolatier? Pete, one of the owners of Sweet Pete’s, is the Peter from Peterbrooke. Brooke is his sister. So you know he has a history in the candy business and has high standards. Oh and another cool thing about Sweet Pete’s is that they have a room upstairs that you can use for parties, meetings or whatever you might need it for. They also have classes where your kid can come and make taffy or lollipops. Check them out on Facebook, they are always running specials and are very interactive. I think that is something else that separates them from other places, they engage their customers and are truly interested in what you think.

The Good:
-Awesome store, visually like nothing you have ever seen
-Great candy
-Tons of options
-Kids will remember coming here, instant “memory”

The Bad:
-Only one location :(

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on “Sweet Pete’s Restaurant Review
4 Comments on “Sweet Pete’s Restaurant Review
  1. This place is magic. Like stepping into a whole other time and place you’ve never been. I agree on both the cayenne chocolate and the sea salt caramels. If I ever have to give them up it’s going to take a 12 step program. I’m hooked.

  2. I had promised the kid to go today earlier in the week. I picked up some dark chocolate cayenne and it was so good! But my favorite was the dark chocolate coffee toffee.

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