Threelayers Cafe Restaurant Review

Who likes coffee? Of course I do. Now, while there are a ton of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts around, sometimes you just want something more local. Something with a little personal touch. I often try to stay local when I can and this is a great option.

1602 Walnut St.
Jacksonville, Florida 32206

Location: It’s located in the Historic Springfield District on the corner of 6th Street and Walnut Street. It is the corner building and has a neat looking life-sized yellow turtle outside.

Food: Let me just say this….Jeff Squares! You have to try these, they are their signature dish and everyone talks about them. If you read the other reviews posted on you will see almost all of them mention the Jeff Squares. I like mine heated with a scoop of ice cream. I don’t know what exactly he puts in them but they are very addictive. They have several types of cakes to choose from, cookies and other sweet treats too. If you are looking for something non sugar infused, try their lunch menu which consists of pasta salads, tuna salads, greek salad and panini’s. I always get the iced coffee and a bagel, I’m kind of old school that way. If you get the iced coffee and stay there, you get a free refill which is unusual so that is a plus!

Extra: One of the neat things about this place is the Zen Garden out back and as you can see, they have a bunny that just hops around freely. His name is Bugsy and he is extremely friendly. They also have a meeting room you can reserve, I’m not sure if there is a fee to use it. I would just call ahead and ask. Besides the seating out back, they have outside seating up front too and that is neat because if you like people watching, Historic Springfield is the place to do it. You never know what you will see from minute to minute. Oh and before I forget, make sure you check out The Cellar connected to Threelayers if you want a glass of wine or a local beer, it’s a nice little bar tucked away in the back.

The Good
-Nice atmosphere
-Lots of food and drink options
-Unique feel (not cookie cutter)
-Free wi-fi

The Bad
-They don’t open until 10am? (don’t understand that)
-A little on the pricey side

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on “Threelayers Cafe Restaurant Review
3 Comments on “Threelayers Cafe Restaurant Review
  1. They do charge for the meeting room but it’s very, very reasonable. I threw one of my best friend’s bridal showers there..they catered it and you get tickets for wine or beer at the bar. That was the third bridal shower I’ve helped organize (or done alone, in this case) and they were by far the easiest to work with and everything ran smoothly. We had quite a few drink tickets left over at the end of the night and instead of just sending me on my way, they gave me a nice bottle of wine.

    I really don’t come to 3 Layers often enough..their food is so tasty and I love the atmosphere. It is so much nicer than sitting at another Starbucks.. couldn’t agree more with the entire review!

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