Tijuana Flats Restaurant Review Jacksonville

Everyone loves a good taco right? If you don’t, what is wrong with you?  Mexican food solves all your problems.  If it doesn’t, you are just dead inside.  So, today is and always has been “Taco Tuesdaze” at Tijuana Flats.  Check out the video and then my review below, you silly goose you.

Tijuana Flats Southside Location
13529 Beach Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL. 32224

Location: Right across the street from the Walmart on the corner of Beach Blvd and Hodges.  It is in a shopping center with Rita’s Ice.

Food: Of course since today is Taco Tuesdaze, I went with the ole trusty taco.  I ordered 2 beef tacos with a side of chips, a medium drink and a side of queso.  Out the door, it was $6.39.  What a deal.  First off, the tacos are huge.  Way bigger than you get at something like a Taco Hell…I mean Bell.  They put tons of fresh lettuce on it, black olives, sour cream, tomato, onions and fresh jalapenos.  Let me just warn you, if you can’t handle spicy food, stay away from the jalapenos.  I personally love them though.  Bring it on! The tacos were great.  I ate them after I had the chips and queso (didn’t want the queso to get cold) and the shells weren’t soggy or anything. I didn’t get salsa but they have a great hot sauce bar so that’s always an option.  As a friend said, “they must put crack on the chips, they are so good”.  I don’t know if crack is good, but I know what she was saying lol.  They are very addictive and perfectly salted.  Cooked just right too, nothing sucks more than a burnt chip right?

Extra Info: You won’t find a place that has better service.  You place your order at the register, they take your name, give you your drink and off you go to find a seat.  When your food is ready, they call out your name and bring the food straight to you.  The employees are constantly walking around cleaning the tables, filling up drinks and asking if you need anything.  They do it in a manner that doesn’t intrude or bother you either.  It’s a delicate balance and they seem to have it down.  When you are done, just get up and leave, they pick up your trash.  I see the manager working the floor too so it seems everyone takes pride in the service.  A+++

Overall rating 1-10: 9.0  I can’t think of anything I would improve on.  The price is great, the service is great and most of all…the food was spot on.  I really can’t think of something they could improve on when it comes to the taco’s.  When I try something else and confirm everything is the same, they may get a bump to a 10.  My first 10.

Restaurant Review of Tijuana Flats Taco Tuesday Tuezdaze

Taco Tuezdaze Tijuana Flats Restaurant Review

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