Uptown Market and Deli Restaurant Review

Time for a trip to Historic Springfield, the oldest neighborhood in Jacksonville. This is a hot spot for the locals and brings in the crowds from downtown with their lunch specials.  Uptown is owned by the same group that owns Burrito Gallery and is making a name for themselves around town with quality food and a good atmosphere.

1303 N. Main St.
Jacksonville, FL. 32206

Location: Right on the corner of 3rd St. and Main. This is a modern style building in the heart of the historic district. 2 Blocks up from The Pearl.

Food: After a busy night at work, I wanted to get something spicy and with a little heft into my stomach to top off a good night at work. As you can tell from my reviews, I don’t do breakfast that often (Metro Diner Review) but when I do, I want something out of the ordinary, something I can’t make at home. After checking out the menu, I went with the Chorizo Omelette with hashbrowns and toast for $7.50 and a soda (it was the end of the day for me, don’t judge me for drinking soda at 8am) for $1.95. While there weren’t many people there, I came after the breakfast rush, I did see local TV news celebrity Phil Amato stop in for some coffee. Food and bonus “B” level celebrity, a good way to end my day! By the way, I did see Phil play in the dodgeball tournament hosted by all the news groups for the Police Athletic League a few weeks back and he is a beast on the court. Don’t let his size fool you. Ok, back to the food… The omelette showed up quickly and hot. As you can see from the pictures, the food is very appealing but after that, I have to say I was unimpressed. While it was hot like I said, that’s about it. The omelette was dry and unremarkable. It wasn’t bad, just nothing noteworthy. I think if they maybe added a side of salsa or something to help moisten it up, that might have helped. I have eaten here before for lunch (before I had a review site) and the food is usually pretty good. So maybe I just got the post rush let down? The hasbrowns and toast, well, they are hashbrowns and toast…hard to mess that up, unless you read my review of the Metro Diner lol. All in all, while it wasn’t great, it wasn’t bad and the portion size was good for the price actually. The chorizo was nice and spicy and had a lot of flavor, the over cooked eggs just killed it. Out the door, the damage with tax was $10.12.

Extra Info: While this trip wasn’t that remarkable, I do suggest you try out the lunch specials, they post them on their Facebook page and they are usually pretty good. I have heard that the waitresses can act a little like the aloof Starbucks Baristas, like you are wasting their time by ordering but every time I have come, I have had Shane as my waiter and he is excellent. He knew some of the customers by name and was very friendly and attentive. Maybe head here for lunch and then stop by City Kidz for an ice cream cone? This is a great neighborhood, it’s not the neighborhood it was in the 1980’s, it is going through a gentrification since deemed a Historic District. Also in the neighborhood is Sweet Pete’s, wait till you see the pictures and reviews of that place! AMAZING…review coming soon.

The Good
-Nice serving size/price
-Quick service
-Great decor
-Nice lunch specials

The Bad
-Overcooked omelette
-Doesn’t serve dinner

Uptown Market Restaurant Review Jacksonville Florida

Uptown Market Restaurant Review Jacksonville

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