Wafaa N Mike’s Restaurant Review

I’m always looking for a good gyro and this place has them. This is only my second Greek restaurant review (Taverna Yamas) and both of them are great and offer a different experience.  Wafaa N Mike’s Cafe is a great option for a quick no nonsense lunch or dinner.  It’s kind of one of those “hole in the walls” but not really.  This is truly one of the hidden gems in Historic Springfeild.  Check out my Wafaa N Mike’s Cafe Restaurant Review below:

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1544 Main St.
Jacksonville, FL. 32206

Location: Right on Main Street before the intersection of 6th and Main.  It has a purple like paint job.  There are a couple on street parking spots, but there is also a ton of parking right next to it in an empty lot.  You don’t have to pay for parking, so you don’t have to worry about that.


Food: This is a no non-sense type place (yes, I used that phrase twice within 100 words).  When you come in, you seat yourself and there are menu’s at the table. Someone quickly came over and asked for my drink order.  This is my one and only complaint and I feel like I’m nit picking on this one.  The drink is an actual can of coke and a glass of ice.  No refills, just the one can and then you have to order/pay for another one if you want.  There it is…my one and only complaint.  The rest is roses from here.   After coming back with my drink, I placed my order.  This is my “go to” spot for a good gyro and fries so it was an easy order.  Now, this is where me being a fat guy becomes more obvious, and this is when you probably will shake your head in disgust. Judge me … that’s why I write my blog.  I always order a side of Tzatziki (yeah, I had to look the spelling up), if you don’t know what that is, it’s basically yogurt, cucumber, mint and a couple other minor seasonings.  I get a little cup of it on the side to dip my fries in.  Yep, I’m that guy.

The food comes out quickly (I was there for lunch), you can tell they are well practiced in serving the lunch rush.  The gyro has to be one of the biggest I have had and I’ve eaten a ton (several in Greece itself).  You know how people like the corner piece of lasagna?  I like the crispier pieces of meat.  At Wafaa N Mike’s Cafe, they put the meat on the grill after they carve it off, to heat it up a notch and some of it gets a little crispy.  Perfect! Everything on the gyro is fresh and tasty. The fries are good too, I think the seasoning has crack in it.  Dip those little suckers right in the extra sauce (you will thank me later for this tip) and the meal is perfect. One thing I like about the fries too, they are the thicker kind and they hold the heat better in my opinion.

Extras: Often people have the wrong idea about Historic Springfield.  It’s actually really nice and safe. I have been there at night and I’ve taken my wife and kids there with nothing to worry about.  When you go in Wafaa N Mike’s Cafe or if you go to  Uptown Market (right down the street) you will find tons of people, all friendly and inviting.  If you’ve been to Uptown Market during lunch, you know what I mean.  One other reason to go to check this place out…on the last Saturday night of the month, there is a “Main Street Cruise” it was estimated that at the last cruise, 10k people came! And the atmosphere is awesome.  So, skip the stereotype you hear from the people who haven’t been to Historic Springfield in the past 10yrs and just go see it for yourself.  Let me know what you thought of Wafaa N Mike’s Cafe.

The Good:
– Great Gyro and Fries
– Friendly owners and customers
– Plenty of parking
– They are introducing an Italian menu

The Bad:
– You get a single can of coke for your drink, no refills
– Slightly on the high side for a lunch

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  1. We ate here last night, while enjoying the Main St. Cruise-In. The sidewalk seating we chose gave us fantastic viewing of the hundreds of vintage cars that were cruising up and down Main Street. The food is absolutely AWESOME, and Wafaa came outside introduced herself to us. She is a charm. On a scale of 1 – 10, I give this establishment a 12.5!

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