Wendy’s Restaurant Review Jacksonville Southside

4453 Southside Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL. 32216

I was in a rush on my way to work….yeah, this blog doesn’t pay the mortgage. Shocker right? Anyways, I was in that area for work and there are a ton of options to pick from. I hadn’t had Wendy’s in a long time so I thought I would give it a shot. Do any of you remember when they served those really thick fries back in the late 80’s? I miss fries like that, they stayed hotter longer.

Location: This is right in front of Starbucks and next to a McDonald’s right off of Southside Blvd and in front/off to the left of Tinseltown. Be warned, once you drive in to that complex, it’s hard to get out going the other direction. You pretty much have to drive to a light and make a U-turn.

Interior: Nothing exciting. Clean, lots of tables and no new designs so if you have been in one in the past 10yrs, it looks exactly the same.

Food: I went with the old trusty 1/4lb single meal which was a burger, fries and a drink. I went medium size just to feel like I had an input in the meal. You know me…always on a power trip right? Uh, no. So, below you will see three pictures. One is how the food was put on the tray. Notice the new little cardboard holder for the burger? That’s the first time I have seen that, I don’t know when they started that. Am I last person to notice this? It appeared that all the burgers got this little half box holder. Anyways, the burger was tasty but you will see the picture of the unwrapped burger versus the picture of what they advertise. Big difference huh? I understand it’s fast food, so I don’t expect much but aren’t they setting up the customer for a little disappointment when the presentation is that different? But like I said, the burger was tasty, not soggy or greasy and the new sea salt fries were spot on. A couple discolored fries but no biggie. The Coke was …. well Coke.

Overall Rating 1-10: 7, nothing special, it’s fast food, it serves it’s purpose.

Cost: With going medium and adding tax, it was $6.84

Would I eat here again: Sure, it’s a quick go to meal that is always the same, unless you go late at night, then it’s a gamble probably.

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