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Have you heard of this place? Me neither.  I saw it once and had no idea what it was.  Could it be a sandwich place, a place to pick up the latest ingredients for spell casting? Or maybe it’s an alteration place that uses Stitch Witchery?  Curiosity got the best of me and I looked it up online.  Yes, it’s a chain but being that this is the first location in Jacksonville, I thought I would check it out…you know…for you. Below is the Food Porn Restaurant Review Slide Show Video:

4352 Southside Blvd
Unit 4
Jacksonville, FL. 32216

Location: It’s across the street from Tinseltown in that bundle of strip malls that don’t all connect to each other. What a pain in the butt.
Sandwiches Jacksonville 1Places to eat Jacksonville 1
Food: If you can’t tell by the name of the restaurant (I knew all along, I was just playing dumb), it’s a sandwich place. I ordered the Italian Grinder Combo $10.25 (It was a large sandwich, chips and a drink. I upgraded to the big plastic cup for an extra 0.25 and every time you bring the cup in, you get 0.50 off) The sandwich was good, the bread was nice and fresh but I’m not sure if it is baked onsite. All the veggies were the typical you can get at Subway or Firehouse and they were all fresh. Not really overly impressed. If you go to Firehouse, the sandwich is unique along with tasty, but at Which Wich I felt like I could have had the same sandwich at Subway for about $2.00 less. Not a big difference, but if you’re on a budget, maybe not stop here?

The wife ordered a Gyro $6.25 but wanted chicken instead of lamb. This was very hard for them to comprehend. They asked 3 separate times and seemed very confused lol. They ended up putting sliced deli style chicken. I was thinking bigger chunks of chicken, but oh well. The Gyro was good, but had an underlying “fish” taste. Yes, I took a bite of my wife’s sandwich and yes, I went in for a second bite just for confirmation. There was a fish taste. No idea why, maybe the onions were kept close to some and they soaked it in? The tzatziki sauce was a little on the bland side for me but that’s probably because I like the one at Taverna Yamas best.

The little man went with the Kid’s Grilled Cheese $3.75 (this came with a juice and a rice krispy treat). Nothing special at all about the grilled cheese, just typical cheese and bread. It was a little dry looking to me. But for $3.75 for the whole meal, it wasn’t bad. Decent value. Then, last but not least, the highlight of the meal, the Oreo Cookie Shake $3.50. The wife said it was the perfect texture, not overly sweet and not thin. My son sure seemed to love it.

Restaurant Reviews 1Restaurant Review 1

Extra: The one thing this place has going for it, is the ordering system. You walk in and there is a big row of brown paper bags. You pick the bag that has the type of sandwich you want and then just go down and fill in the circles for the stuff you want on it. That way, you just walk up to the cashier and hand them the bags and they ring it up. Not a lot of fuss (except for us and the chicken/lamb debacle). So, if you are like some and have ordering anxiety, this might be a place you want to check out. While the place wasn’t super expensive, it wasn’t cheap either.

The Good:
– neat concept
– no order anxiety needed
– decent value

The Bad:
– probably the worst parking lot EVER
– kind of small inside
– a little on the higher price spectrum for a sandwich shop

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  1. Um…there are no hooks in the bathrooms! Come on, now. Also, I have to disagree a little with the no anxiety thing. There’s an attendant there because no one knows what to do.

    There should totally be a video there. Less labor. Illustrations are good. I’m new school, I know.

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