Woody’s BBQ Restaurant Review

Absolutely horrible! I should just stop there and end the review but I guess I should explain what made it so horrible. Usually I try to get pictures of the outside of the building, the interior sometimes and then a bunch of food shots and occasionally I will make a video. This experience just caught me off guard and I kind of forget my routine. I apologize for that. Check out my Woody’s BBQ Restaurant Review after the pictures.
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9825 San Jose Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL. 32257

Location: It’s in the corner of a shopping center down the street from the Tax Collector on San Jose.

Food: Let me start off by throwing in a disclaimer. I was having some repairs done to my car so my eating choices were limited to how far I was willing to walk in the humid Florida weather today. Directly across the street was Woody’s so I thought “why not?” and walked over. I didn’t plan on doing a review since they are a chain restaurant but they are Jacksonville based, so again….”why not?” Being that I love ribs, I went with the lunch rib plate special for $6.99 and a drink. First off, let me say this….I grew up in Middleburg back in the late 80’s and early 90’s and Woody’s was THE PLACE! So this was kind of a trip down memory lane. Have you ever had a memory and tried to recreate it and thought “Jesus, what the hell was I thinking?” That was me today. The first sign should have been that NOBODY was there at lunch…I mean NOBODY! I was all by myself at noon. It’s like being the only person at a movie theater and you’re thinking to yourself “damn, I get to enjoy this movie all by myself” and then that one other person walks in and sits directly in front of you and ruins the whole thing. That’s what happend to me. I was thinking that I would have all the attention of the servers, the choice food and everything and then they set the food in front of me and ruined it all. The ribs were extremely tiny. For a minute I thought they chopped up an order of baby back ribs by mistake. These ribs might have been actually off of a miniature pig, not a grown ass pig. Ok, so they were tiny, you get it. I thought “these better be damn tasty” wrong! They were like rib jerky. The meat was beyond dehydrated. Did you ever see the movie Christmas Vacation when Chevy Chase cuts open the turkey and … well just check out the clip:

That was me eating the ribs. The one good thing was the buttered/garlic toast. Should that be the highlight of a meal? The saving grace? Probably not. The fries were hot but damn they were skinny. The coleslaw was store bought, no way did they make that. I’m guessing Costco. After eating here, it’s no wonder they have closed so many of their locations and Bono’s and Sonny’s (Check out my Sonny’s BBQ Restaurant Review) are dominating them in the “chain” BBQ restaurant business. I see this place drying up and dissapearing like their ribs. Good riddance.

Extra: Hey @woodysbbqcorp don’t bother having a twitter account if all you are going to do is post crap and not interact with your followers. Do you think that works? People follow twitter accounts for the interaction. If all we wanted were advertisements, we would watch TV. You have 37 tweets and not one of them is in response to a someone about your product. You are only making it worse. Your product isn’t to the level of “they can take it or leave it”.

The Good:
– The toast (how sad is that?)

The Bad:
– Everything else
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      • I’ve been doing a bit of blogging of my own; some recipes, etc. (virginiaalamode.com) Other than that, just working the PR world as much as I can! Always trying to eat good food, of course – I am really looking forward to trying Sakana.

  1. Since these are franchises and can vary from location to location, have you eaten at any other Woody’s? If so, what was your experience? By the way, I believe this location recently closed and relocated so I wonder if that had anything to do with your bad experience.

  2. I loved Woody’s as a kid but I won’t go back. A few years ago my husband and I went to powers ave location. I quickly noticed that they had changed the menu and sold out to commercialism. They then managed to loose our ticket and we were the only customers. How do you do that???

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