Zodiac Grill Restaurant Review

Groupon can be a real help when you are wanting to try something new but want to keep within a budget.  That’s how my trip to Zodiac Grill came to be.  I was going through all the restaurants listed on their site and trying to find something Downtown that I could try. Zodiac Grill hit all the requirements.
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120 W Adams St
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Last Health Inspection: 12/16/2013
High Priority Violations: 1
Intermediate Violations: 3
Basic Violations: 2

Kid Friendly?: Yes

Food: I have become a Gyro fanatic. Ever since I was a kid, I have always been a fan of Gyros. Then when I visited Greece, of course that only fueled my taste for a good Gyro here in the States. As you can see from these reviews: Taverna Yamas & Wafaa N Mike’s (both great options), that I’m always trying to find the best Gyro in Jacksonville.  
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That being said, of course I ordered the Gyro Pita $6.50 (Menu Description: Perfect mix of grilled beef & lamb, stuffed in pita, topped with Zakziki sauce, lettuce & tomato).  I also ordered a side of fries since the sandwich just comes by itself. The Gyro meat was good.  It had the crispy edges that are a preference of mine.  The sauce tasted homemade and it was good.  The pita was on the dry side but with a little extra sauce, that was an easy fix.  The fries were pretty good, some basic seasoning on them and they were hot.  If you add a drink, this was a pretty pricey lunch.  But when you are downtown, you don’t always have a ton of options.
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My wife went with the Chicken Gyro $6.50 (Menu Description: Chicken tendered grilled with tomato, topped with Zakziki sauce and lettuce). She went with a side of hummus and a drink to round out her meal. Sorry I can’t remember the prices of the sides.  I thought I had written them down, but I can’t find it.  Ok, back to her food.  She really liked her meal.  There was a lot of chicken in it and it wasn’t over cooked.  The hummus was well seasoned too.  They did forget to bring the bread, but that happens sometimes.

Extras: The service was quick but the follow up service (refilling drinks and asking if we needed anything else) was very sparse. Sparse enough that we noticed.  The atmosphere makes you forget you are downtown.  It’s a nice little change of pace.  I would definitely add this as a dining option when you are downtown.  Just make sure you read the fine print of their Groupons (they run them often now), the Groupon is only for lunch.  They got us lol.

The Good:
– Great Gyro meat
– Zakziki sauce is homemade
– Nice atmosphere

The Bad:
– A tad pricey for lunch
– Service could be a little better

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